How to make Windows 7 start faster

Make your Windows 7 faster

Ever wonder why your computer becomes slow in starting up since the day that you bought it?

Want to make it start as fast as the first day that you ever used it? Well in this article I am going to tackle a simple and effective way of bringing back your windows into its old form. There are also many ways available out there. But I find this one as “one of the most effective” way.

What are you going to need in this procedure are CCleaner and Autoruns. Both are free to download in the internet. You may Google it and download it thru filehippo. Once you downloaded them install ccleaner and autoruns is a standalone program which you can run without installing.

When you download autoruns it is in the form of zip file. Just unzip it.

Important: when you run autoruns make sure to run it as an administrator. Not doing so will not make you perform changes. Running autoruns as an administrator is as easy as ABC. Just right click autoruns then choose “Run as administrator”.  If User Account Control asks you to make changes just click “Yes” and let it scan for itself.

When autoruns is scanning focus your attention at the lower left corner of you monitor just directly above star menu. Wait for autoruns to display “Ready”. After ready have appeared, go to “Options” then choose “Filter options” click “Hide Microsoft entries” then click okay and it will scan again. Wait again for the autoruns to be display the word “ready”.

After autoruns have finished scanning go to “Logon” tab and uncheck entries that are not needed to be there. Unchecking it means windows is not going to run it when you boot windows. In my case I unchecked entries for yahoo messenger, skype, facebook messenger (any type of chat software can be removed), orbit downloader, torrent clients (any type would do) and phone softwares.

Since the mentioned software are not vital in booting windows you can freely removed them without hampering windows. You can also remove auto-update software utilities for printers, webcams. After that, search each tab with entries saying “File not found” or “Entries not found” in it. If you find some just uncheck it.

Important: as a precautionary measure I told you to just uncheck the entries in the Logon tab for you to be able to get back to it later. File not found entries can be safely deleted. Just click it then hit delete in your keyboard. After you have searched the entire tab for file not found entries just close autoruns and the changes that you have made will be automatically saved.

Now that we are finished with autoruns let’s go to ccleaner now. Open ccleaner, if User Account Control ask you to make changes just click yes.  After ccleaner have opened check all the entries in the tab “Windows” except “Wipe Free Space” at the bottom. You can also check all the entries at the “Applications” tab. After that just click “Run Cleaner” at the lower right corner of your monitor then let it finished for itself.

After that, click “Registry” then click the button “Scan for issues” wait for it to finish scanning then click “Fix selected issues” if it asked you to “Do you want to backup changes to the registry?” just click yes then click save then click “Fix all selected issues” then click close and you can now close ccleaner. We backed up the changes in the registry for security in case we want to revert to the old registry settings.

So that’s it, we are done. Restart your computer then you will notice that your computer is fast as new again.

Feel free to leave me some questions and comments in case you got some. Thank you.


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