The Shocking Truth about Gadget Addiction

How Addiction to Electronics Affects the Environment & Our Lives

The Shocking Truth about Gadget Addiction
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We have come to a point where we cannot live without gadgets. It’s shocking! The truth is we have become addicts. Is there a way out?

By now even dogs have begun to realize gadgets have indeed become man’s best friend. We have become so dependent on gizmos, devices and gadgets that we fail to see what lies beyond those moments of madness. The market is flooded with devices that make life easier. Every second a new gadget is being introduced in the consumer market. It’s Shocking! We can’t blame manufacturers. Point a finger at yourself.

Each one of us is to blame for gadget overload. When the demand stops, it’s likely that supply will stop too. However, it’s too late now. We’ve become so used to devices; we cannot live without them anymore. You may deny it, but the truth is we have become addicted to gadgets. Research reveals that gadget overload is killing emotion.

Are gadgets taking away the quality of life?

You may find this funny and laugh it off. However, it’s true. Psychologists reveal, individuals that spend long hours with gadgets and gizmos everyday are not able to distinguish between emotion in the virtual world and emotion in reality. Polls and surveys taken in various countries reveal more than 70% of people carry their favorite devices along on vacations. This proves that majority of the people around the globe cannot live without their gadgets. If you feel restless without your favorite device, it’s a sign you are addicted. De-addiction centers in various countries are reporting an increasing number of cases where individuals are seeking help for gadget addiction. Most gadget users are unwilling to accept the fact that they are addicted. Denial is exceedingly high among regular users of devices. Gadget overload is going to be hard to control. Unless every individual acts responsibly and sensibly, there’s no way out. The speed at which technological advances are taking place is a growing concern. Already, research on wearable gadgets for the future has begun, and it’s only a matter of time when wearable electronics will become a norm.

Obesity among gadget users

Obesity among children, teens, and adults is growing at a rapid rate globally. Obesity is alarmingly high among individuals that are addicted to gadgets or gizmos. Individuals that are addicted to social networks are seldom unaware about their intake of snacks and sodas. Lack of physical activity is the reason why a number of children from different parts of the world are obese. When was the last time you’ve seen your child run or play outdoor games? In today’s times a child’s new playground is his/her room. Children and young adults spend most of their time with smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles or laptops, or are found glued to the TV. Chatting online with friends and playing games are considered children’s favorite activities. Lack of physical activity can damage health. Taking a break from engaging devices is important.

Monitoring activity

When individuals make virtual platforms their world, they find it difficult to cope up with real time situations in the real world. Guilt, loneliness and low self esteem are common among children that get addicted to pornography at a young age. It is important that parents counsel their children and spend time with them. Reports that have emerged on various social media platforms reveal that a large number of children between age group 8 -15 are using smartphones and tablets to access pornographic sites, and sites depicting violence. Restricting sites and making rules for children will only encourage them to rebel further. Instead, of imposing restrictions on a child, try and reduce their hours spent on gadgets or devices every day and witness a miracle happen.

Gadget-related health hazards

Usage of Smartphones, tablets, laptops and gaming consoles is exceedingly high around the globe. Gadget addiction can have an adverse effect on physical and emotional health. Health problems related to back, neck, and shoulder are highest among gadget users. Majority of individuals that spend long hours in front of a computer are unaware they are victims of bad posture. Most gadget users that do not use a chair with a backrest have the tendency to slouch. Spine curvature and neck curvature is affected if you spend long hours with gadgets daily. Mood disorders are alarmingly high among individuals that spend most of their time on various online platforms. Research reveals that majority of net addicts are unable to cope up with real-life situations.
All modern gadgets produce EMFs (Electromagnetic Radiation) that can weaken an individual’s immunity. Levels of Mental fatigue are exceedingly high among individuals that use gadgets daily. According to reports by World Health Organization (WHO) and other health organizations, electronic smog and electropollution have been linked to a cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, learning disabilities, birth defects, depression, and fibromyalgia.

In our attempt to simplify life we have become addicts to gadgets. Simple pleasures of life seem a rarity in today’s times. Will there be a new beginning? Will gadget invasion affect our future? Are we slaves of our own creation? Is there a way out?

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