Virtual Home Button: Home button alternative for iPhone and iPad

How to Close Apps on iPhone Without Home button

Virtual Home Button: Home button alternative for iPhone and iPad
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Home button has the excess usage on both iPhone and iPad. Now you can have alternative of the same with free cydia tweak. Keep reading for more details.

In my previous article I have explained about Folder tweak for the IOS 7 which is a handy app using which we can have improved folder feature in the iPhone and iPad. Today we will see about another IOS tweak which is related to Home Button available on every iPhone and iPad. This tweak is about having alternative option for home button on our IOS device. So let’s see what this new tweak can do for us, this tweak is also supportable for latest IOS 7.

We all know that home button is the only button except volume buttons and power off button on iPhone and iPad. So it is obvious that it is getting highest used on our phone. That is why it may possible that it get damaged due to its excess usage.

And in other case also having alternative for this thing is a better option. This tweak will provide you alternative virtual home button on the screen and it will function exactly same as hard home button available on the phone.

The name of this tweak is SP Touch. It is available for free on the cydia in the big boss repo. So you can download it without spending single penny. After installing this tweak you will find out one button on the display which is having exact look as hard home button available on our phone. But you can do lot many things with this small icon. Firstly you can put this home button icon anywhere on the screen so that you can access it from the place where you are comfortable. Plus you can also make it more transparent so that you can see through it and it come in the way of other things. You can also change the color of this button plus resize its size as you like. So all personalization options are available with this tweak and with that you can have set that icon as you like.

From first explanation it will sound exactly like assistive touch app available on the IOS by default. But assistive touch has lot many other options to do, but this tweak specially provide home button work. You can click this icon two times to access switch app mode and you can also click on this button from anywhere even when some application is open to reach back to the home. So it will work similar to the regular hard home button.

The main purpose of this tweak is to decrease the usage of hard home button so it can have longer life. And also it is an easy way to do the same thing. So enjoy.

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