How to Create Linux Bootable USB Flash Drive on Windows 10

PowerISO Tutorial to Make Linux Bootable USB Drive in Windows PC

How to Create Linux Bootable USB Flash Drive on Windows 10
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Do you know how to create Linux bootable USB drive on Windows 10? In this software tutorial, you are going to learn to make bootable USB for Linux operating system.

There are lot of methods are used to create Linux bootable usb flash drive on Windows 10 OS. Here, You can see the one of the easiest one using PowerISO software. It is one of the best iso software which helps to mount, create, edit, compress, extract and burn ISO image files. It is one of the all in one solution in the category of ISO software’s. It supports on computers having OS like Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows Vista and Windows XP (both 32 and 64 bit).By using the PowerISO, you can also rip audio and create bootable DVD for Windows OS.

Checklist for Tutorial:-

  • PowerISO software, If you don’t have download it from the official site.
  • Linux ISO file (Ubuntu)
  • Pendrive or USB flash drive with minimum 4 GB capacity

If you full fills the checklist, move to tutorial steps.

Step 1

Plug-in Pendrive or USB flash drive to USB 3.0 port.

Step 2

Open the PowerISO software. It should be “Run as Administrator”.

Step 3

Go to “Tools” menu in the PowerISO menubar and select “create bootable usb drive” option from it.

Then, you will see to create bootable usb drive dialogue box.

In the dialogue box, you have to first select “Source image file”. Here, source image file is the “Ubuntu ISO file”.

Note:- You can also select your dvd drive as source file, if you have Ubuntu (linux) on DVD.

Step 4

You can also see the “destination file” and select your pendrive as destination (it will be automatically detected).

Step 5

Then You have to select “Write Method” as “Raw Write”. Leave the file system as “automatic”.

Note:- If raw write not works for you, try “USB-HDD” write method also.

Then, click on “Start” button and Linux bootable USB drive creation will start in process. After finshing, restart your computer and press the key for boot menu in your pc. You will get boot interface of Linux operating system. You can install Linux Ubuntu in your PC by using Linux boot USB.

For getting more clarity of tutorial watch how to create bootable Linux usb flash drive on Youtube video site.

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