Advantages and disadvantages of laptop and desktop

Desktop computer vs. Laptop computer

Advantages and disadvantages of laptop and desktop
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Here’s one of the oldest debate out there in the internet on which is better, which is more economical and who have the most significant impact in our daily lives.

First of all they are both computer and you can almost do whatever you want to do regarding computer whether you are using a desktop or a laptop.

But there are also some exceptions of course. Let us list some of their strengths and weaknesses so that we can isolate each other on which is better overall.  First is the desktop’s strengths, desktop is more affordable, they are more flexible in terms of upgrading, you can upgrade them and sky is the limit as long as you can afford it.

One of the greatest strength of desktop that no other laptop brings into the market is the Video Card. You can choose and upgrade your video as long as it is compatible to the other parts of your computer. Laptops don’t have that privilege since laptop is more into power saving issue. And if we are speaking about video card power consumption goes hand in hand with it.

Processor upgrade is also flexible in desktop.

You may want to buy the fastest processor out there. Laptop doesn’t have that privilege since power issue will come into limelight again. You can also buy the biggest hard drive out there; you can install about 4 hard drives or more in contrast to laptops single hard drive. If you are a gamer you may want to buy a desktop.

Desktop’s weaknesses are; they are bulky, you can’t bring them almost anywhere. They are power consumption monsters (true about a desktop configured as a gaming station). It’s hard to bring them to office, school, café’s since they hard bulky and consumes some time to setup. You need ride to bring them in some places.

Let’s now roundup the strengths of a laptop; since they are compact in nature you can bring them everywhere just put them in a bag then presto you’ll not be worrying about a ride to bring to some places. They are easy to setup, just bring them out to their bag then turn them on. All laptops today are Wi-Fi capable in contrast to desktop wherein you have to buy a Wi-Fi receiver to connect them to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

They are too (laptop) are Bluetooth capable in contrast to desktop wherein you have to buy a Bluetooth dongle or the like. If you are a student of office worker you may want to buy a laptop. Since they are compact, bringing them to your office or school will not make you shed a sweat.

The nightmare of using a laptop is they are limited onto some upgrades; they are expensive to repair, upgrade and maintain. Laptop parts are more expensive than that of a desktop. Most of the time you can only upgrade their processor, hard drive and RAM (memory). I hope future laptop and desktop buyers will find this article worthwhile when it is time for them to buy.

Before you buy you must fully evaluate on what you really need, evaluate your activities, and also evaluate your pocket, or else you might end up regretting your decision. If you are a mobile person go with a laptop, if you are a gamer go with a desktop.

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