What are the advantages of Using Microsoft Word?

Advantages of Microsoft word

What are the advantages of Using Microsoft Word?
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This article speaks about the benefits of using Microsoft Word.

Microsoft is a graphical word processing program that users can type with. It is made by the computer company Microsoft. The purpose of the MS Word is to allow the users to type and save documents. Similar to other word processors, it has helpful tools to make documents. Microsoft word, often called as word, carries with it a lot of benefits. Let’s discuss it in a little bit more detail.

It's the most popular word processing program in the world. One of the most obvious benefits is its availability.

Almost all windows users install Microsoft suit in their computer system. It is available and used on all common computers. Microsoft word is used to save documents. The documents can be copied to flash drive which serves as an external memory for your computer. This allows you to use the saved documents conveniently taking with you anywhere.

Another important benefit which is gained from using Microsoft Word is it allows the users to make different formats in accordance with the need and importance. In addition to allowing you to create simple documents for business correspondence, it helps you greatly to create and design business cards, brochures, new letters and many more items that are needed. Besides, the use of fonts, shapes, clip art or smart art, charts has its own importance and value.

There are times when users need to integrate Microsoft Word with other programs as well, such as, using Excel tables, rows and columns or calculations. For example, if you have created a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel and you want to display on your required document for a particular reason. You can do this easily by pasting the saved work sheet on the document. Similarly, PowerPoint can also be integrated with Microsoft Word for specific purposes. When working in slide sorter view of PowerPoint, miniature versions of the slides called thumbnails are shown. A thumbnail is the term used to describe a miniature version of a slide or picture. In this way, converting a PowerPoint presentation to a word document will be easy. This allows you to provide handouts of the presentations to the audience.

Although it may seem as the word cannot help you out to fix all grammatical errors and there are still things to be considered based on grammar and syntax, still it is worth using in terms of checking the spellings and focusing on punctuation. Spelling check feature in Microsoft word helps you to correct the spellings in your documents. In addition, you can fix the punctuation errors as well. At this stage, it is important to mention that sometimes it is suggested differently from what grammatical structure you want to add in your document. It is therefore important to consider appropriately before you accept the suggested structure or punctuation in your document.

An extremely important feature of Microsoft word which is very useful for various purposes is that it has Navigation pane at the top. It is a visual representation of many functions. It is where you can select different functions depending on your need and make use of it conveniently.

Nearly every profession in the world should have some use of Microsoft word. People who use Microsoft Word tend to have an easier time than those who lack this product. It helps in all the professional requirements relating to business correspondence by reducing the time and efforts and energy of the users to a great extent.

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