Lock your IOS 7 icons: Prevent from getting deleted and moved

How to prevent IOS icons from getting deleted?

Lock your IOS 7 icons: Prevent from getting deleted and moved
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Lock your icons, apps and games on your IOS 7, so that no one can delete them directly without your permission. Keep reading for more information.

In IOS 7 we can move and delete the games and apps easily just by entering into wiggle mode by holding down any icon from the spring board. In previous IOS versions too this was the same process. So because of this anyone can easily move or delete the apps and games from our iPhone. But now as we have jailbreak available for IOS 7, using one tweak you can prevent the same on your phone. There is one cydia tweak/app using which we can lock down our apps, so that no one can make changes in it without our permission.

The name of this tweak is IconLock7. You can easily search it on cydia and download for free.

After installing this tweak you need to set the password by just entering into wiggle mode by holding down any icon from the menu. Once you will enter into wiggle mode it will prompt you to set the password for this tweak. Let me tell you it will only ask password for one time and you can’t change it either later on. So make sure you choose the proper password and write it down properly. Once you set the password it will start working for you instantly. Next time whenever you enter into wiggle mode for moving or deleting app, it will ask you for password before entering into wiggle mode. So you can’t make any changes if you don’t know the password. If you or someone will enter the wrong password it will not allow you to enter into wiggle mode. So by this way you can prevent other users to make any changes in your iPhone easily.

So it is quite easy in use. But as I mentioned you can’t change the password and if you entered wrong password then you can’t unlock it either by yourself. You have to uninstall and reinstall the app for working again. So make sure about this thing before installing this thing.

So this is it. In short this is a good application for those who want to prevent other users to make changes in their phone. This is perfect tweak/app for that purpose. Technically this app works perfectly but it would be better if they provide other setting options like changing password. I am sure in future we can have update in this application too and get further updated features. Till than enjoy this as it is and it works well.

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