Folder tweak for IOS 7 users

How to Customize Folders in iOS 7 with Folder tweak

Folder tweak for IOS 7 users
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Using jailbreak tweaks we can make many changes in system apps. Similarly we are having folder tweak application using which you can increase features for folder option in IOS 7. Keep reading to know more about it.

Apple has recently launched their new IOS 7 for their iDevices. And soon after that developers also have jailbreak this latest IOS version. So no wonder we will going to see so many Cydia tweaks to modify the system files and apps on this latest IOS 7. Just recently I came to know about cool tweak to modify the folder feature on the IOS 7. Using this tweak you can improve the folder section to have more features on it. Let’s talk about this light tweak application to have improved version of folders on IOS 7.

The name of this tweak is BetterFolders.

As name suggest it makes folder feature on IOS 7 better. Folder option is for those users who love to download lots of applications on their phone. So obviously with so many applications they have to use the folder option to manage that many apps. So for those users this tweak can be even more useful. This tweak improves and gives total three new features over current folder option in IOS 7. After installing this user can do is,

Create folder inside the folder-Nested folder

Pinch to close the folder feature

4 by 4 apps in iPad

After this tweak installed user can create multiple folders inside the folder. By default IOS not allow user to make folders inside the folder. But after installing this tweak user can do it just by entering in to wiggle mode by holding any icon in the folder. By this way user can manage more applications inside the single folder by creating more folders inside the folder. So yes it can be very helpful.

User will also get the feature to close the folder just by pinching the folder. So if folder is active you can close it just by pinch it. I don’t think it is a big deal because you can even close it just by touching somewhere else on the screen then folder. But still tweak gives this extra feature to the users, so it is an extra addition.

 IPad users will get an extra benefit using this tweak that is not available to iPhone users. After installing this tweak iPad users can have 4x4 icons inside the folder. By default user can only have 3x3 icons but after installing this tweak iPad users can add total 16 apps inside the folder. So more apps inside the single folder means they can manage the apps more easily.

So this is it. I think this is a small tweak and light weight tweak but surely can be handy one for certain users. Personally I love managing thing on my phone so yes it is a good one for me. If you are like me then you can go for it as well. Have fun.

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