Nokia 9000 Communicator Series: Are You Still Using It?

It was once the most expensive smartphone

The long forgotten Nokia 9000 Communicator does not stay in phone users' heart anymore simply because of its features being far from what is expected by today's smartphone users. We admit that Nokia 9000 communicator was the pioneer of a smartphone.

The communicator 9000 series are gone. I don’t think mobile phone users still keep any Nokia communicator 9000 to 9210 series as their reliable handsets nowadays. Back in 1998, Nokia 9000 communicator was the only prestigious mobile phone only rich people had. I said only rich people had this type of a mobile phone because everywhere I went I only met rich people who walked with their communicators hung on their belt. At the restaurants they left their communicators on the table while they were waiting to be served as if showing that only certain people had Nokia 9000 series.

I still remember that 9000 was soon forgotten when the next communicator generations were released. The 9100 gray screen and then 9210 color screen came into the market.

According to one of the mobile phone magazines published in 2000, the Nokia 9210 communicator really hit the mobile phone market in the first quarter of 2000. Its price reached 11 million IDR (which is now equivalent to about US $1,000). Most mobile phone magazines had the biggest picture of Nokia 9210 series on the first page to attract mobile phone users at that time. My husband and all his rich friends had this type of mobile phone. They even formed a communicator group in the city.

Now, the communicator family (9000 to 9500 series) has been eliminated with the coming of most modern and sophisticated smart phones having the fastest speed of 3G and HSDPA. The Nokia communicator users have now turned to smart phones like BlackBerry, iPhones, Android, and more. All of the smart phones have the smartest way of moving around the menu with the capability to zoom in the screen with a touch of the screen. If I compare it to the phones of old days, the communicator series are much too far left behind in terms of mobile phone technology. However, the communicator series are the pioneer of today’s mobile phones.

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