New Changes on WhatsApp After Facebook Purchased It

The all new WhatsApp after Facebook acquisition

New Changes on WhatsApp After Facebook Purchased It
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Recently facebook has purchased this big application. Keep reading to know about changes they have made so far.

Recently Facebook has purchased whatsapp with very big amount and now they have already started making new changes with it. Just few days back I have heard that facebook may implement voice calling feature on whatsapp, but with current changes this feature hasn’t been introduced yet, may be in the future. For that users will have to wait. But still they have made few good changes right now which were missing with the old version.

With this latest version now we have all new privacy section on the whatsapp account settings which was missing since starting. Now whatsapp is having all those privacy setting which were missing in the past version. There are few other changes too, but privacy section was needed and it was demanded by many.

Let’s see what changes made in it.

New Privacy section on WhatsApp

Last seen option: Now with latest update user can set the last seen option on whatsapp. With this user can select who can see the last seen option among contacts, everyone or no one. So if any user wants to hide last seen option on whatsapp then with these new changes you can do it easily. I am sure many users were missing this feature.

Profile photo: Same like last seen option here also user can decide who can see their profile picture among contacts, everyone or no one.  So now user can also hide their profile pictures from all. Just one change and done.

Status: Just like last seen option and profile picture option user can also hide status from other users. Here also users have three options to select who can see the status among contacts, everyone or no one. So user can hide their status as well.

So with privacy section these three options got introduced. Here we can’t hide all three stuff from particular users, either hide from all or it will be available for everyone. That’s it.

With this privacy section some other changes also have taken place. Here are they.

  • Now we have large video thumbnail option in chatting option in compare to last version.
  • Hindi language is also available for android 4.1 and above. So now you can have hindi communication.
  • We have one camera option on app from there user can directly capture photos and share them quickly.
  • Now users have new whatsapp widget for home screen which will also show the number of unread messages which wasn’t available previously.
  • In last version, there was no option for saving or sharing profile picture of anyone. But with this latest version user can do that too.

So now we have so many new changes. I am really impressed with some changes facebook has introduced with new version of whatsapp. I am sure many people will love the new version. This is just a starting; let’s see what new things facebook can provide with this big and famous app.

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