Car Key Left Inside The Locked Car

Automatic Car Door Lock

All cars have automatic door locks equipped with alarm system. The doors automatically lock after about 10 seconds. If we are not careful, we may leave the car key inside the car with or with the engine still on.

Have you ever got your car key left inside a locked car with its engine on? If that happened to you at night in a lonely place, what would you possibly do to get the doors of your car opened? I can guess what you would do. You would make a phone call to help. Am I right? What actually happened to me was as explained above but I couldn’t make a phone call at all. I also left my mobile phone inside the car!

This happened a long time ago when I still had my car. We would often go out to visit our parents or just to hang around at the shopping center. As usual, my husband would pick us up after work.

When my husband was at work, I would stay at my mom’s house with my children. On the way home, he dropped by to pick us up. After that, we would either go home or to the mall to refresh our mind. If we decided to go to the mall, it was usually the idea of our children. They were still small at the time.

We usually went straight home from the mall but when the incident happened; my husband took another road to get home. He said he would have a look at a newly built housing complex. I told him it was already late but he insisted. On the way there, my husband suddenly pulled in saying that it was a good place to see the full moon. We were still half way to the new housing complex that he wanted to see. Everyone went out of the car looking up to the sky. It was indeed a spectacular view of a full moon from there. We enjoyed watching the full moon for a couple of minutes. Feeling satisfied with the view, everyone got back to the car but all the doors were automatically locked. Everything including the remote key and the car key was there inside our car with its engine on. If I stopped the story here, could anyone guess what we would do to get help? It was already very late at night. No cars seemed to pass by. My husband walked back and forth to find help from people who lived nearby but I did not see any sign of people within some hundred meters from the location. The only possible way to get help was from someone who might pass through. That also still depended on whether or not he or she could help open the doors.

Finally, God sent us a helper. From a distance we saw a single bright beam of a motorcycle approaching us. I stood up and waved my hand. He pulled in and turned off his bike machine. He turned out to be a mechanic who came home from working overtime. We were relieved. It took him a couple of minutes to slide down the glass window wide enough to insert his hand inside the car to unlock the door from inside.

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