Improve camera quality and features of your Android

How to make your Android camera quality better?

Improve camera quality and features of your Android
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Want to capture improve quality photos with your android phones. You can have the same thing with so many new photo capturing features. Keep reading for more information.

Android is open source operating system for mobiles. So we can do lot more things and changes to our phone to improve different feature and part of our phone. We can also port applications and features from other company mobile and add it to our phone, that’s how open source is beneficial for all of us. Now Lenovo Company is offering very good camera application in their smart phones in compare of default android camera application which captures really good quality images with so many different features.

The name of this application is super camera. You will find this application in any new Lenovo phones. But thanks to developers they have ported this application from Lenovo phones and now we can install the same thing on any android phone.

We can also have similar camera related different features with ability to take good quality photos on our phone. It is just normal apk file and you have to install it on your phone just like normal other application installation.

You will found different gallery option too with the application. But you can also use your normal gallery application to see the images captured from this application. You will found different camera related functions which you will not found in your default android application. With those features you can enhance your photo taking experience directly from the camera application which is a unique thing. Here are few features which you will found in this application.

Features you will get:

Lens Effects: In lens effect list you will get different features like Tiltshift, blur image, mirror image, backlight, fisheye, etc.

Magic effects: In this section you will get different features like Glass effect, thermal effect, pencil effect, starburst effect, comic effect, etc.

Color effects: In this section you will get different features like Negative effect, sepia effect, black and white effect, lightning effect, lomo effect, infrared effect, etc.

With all above features you can also take animated images with gif mode. You can also take smiley shot with hdr option and few more features.

I think above are lot more features that you can get in single camera application. You can surely take different effects photo as you enjoy. Not only that using this camera application you can take good quality photos in compare of default camera application. You will certainly notice the increased size of photo captured using this application in compare of default camera app. So just try it. If you love to take photos using your phones then I am sure you will enjoy this free application. Have fun.

You can download the app from the reference link.

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