YouTube is the new Industry. Learn about it!

YouTube has never been so large. Learn who are the youtubers you should watch out for.

YouTube is the new Industry. Learn about it!
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YouTube, Exotic cool destination to earn hefty.



YouTube is ready to pamper you if you can pamper him. 

Background - 

YouTube was created by Three friends originally working for PayPal at that time. The Idea projected  in the mind of one of the co-founders when he was unable to find video of an incident deemed as Janet Jackson’s Nip-Slip. The Idea of creating a Video Sharing website where everyone can upload videos and anyone can watch it was developed.


YouTube has never been so large and massive. With millions of videos being uploaded daily, People with Talent or without Talent are earning through the platform. There are YouTubers who can post their videos on the YouTube and being consistent about posting new videos can increase viewer base of any YouTuber. There are hundreds and thousands of channel which are running just because they are consistent.

Following is a list of YouTubers you should check out for

1. SuperWoman

2. Bart Baker

3. Playground

4. Joey Koby

5. Vsauce

6. Vsauce2

7. Vsauce3

8. Veritasium

9. EIC

10. AIB

11. TVF

12. So Effin Gray

13. Being Indian

14. Being Logical

15. Nigahiga

16. Barely Productions

17. Barackdubes

18. Ray William Johnson

19. ZaidAliT

20. ShamIdrees

21. AreWeFamousNow

22. PragerU

23. Thought2

24. It's Okay to be smart

25. SnG

26. Daniela M Biah

27. BuzzFeed

28. BuzzPranks

29. Failarmy


31. Alltime10s

32. Coby Persin

33. Top Lists

34. Michael McCrudden

35. Engineering Explained

36. Adrian Gee

37. Bindass

38. Vevo

These YouTuber are earning more than expected outcome. They have literally made YouTube as their career. Actually Youtubing is a new form of job nowadays. You will find plenty of YouTubers  sharing their videos for hundreds of genres and sectors.

You Can find videos of Movie Review, Movie Reaction, How To videos, Prank Videos, Fact Videos and everything just on YouTube.

So how can you earn money through YouTube?

YouTube runs a partner program where if you enable Monetization, it will show ads on your videos uploaded on YouTube. The revenue generated by promoting ads will be credited to your Adsense Account. You will be needing Gmail, Adsense Account to start With.

Whenever you upload videos, try to enable monetization so that's youtube can help you earn money.

The revenue collected is credited to your Adsense at 1K Views rate and the threshold amount is 100$ and can be transfer either by Bank Wire or available Crypto Processors like Paypa


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