Best Ever Productivity Apps For Android Devices To Get More Done

Apps That Increase Your Productivity on Android Phone

Best Ever Productivity Apps For Android Devices To Get More Done
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Stay organized and get more done in the go with these productivity apps for your android phone.

In these days of smartphone domination, mobile applications account for a significant part in our everyday life, whether it's about our leisure time hobbies or work.

Well, nowadays a number of smartphone applications, especially for Android phones exists in order to simplify our tasks and get more work done efficiently. Usually termed as "productivity apps", some of such useful apps for work and time / tasks management are listed here. These can be useful for office works as well as studies and writing. Scroll down to discover some useful apps to increase your productivity.

1. Zoho Notebook:
The notebook app by Zoho presents virtual notebooks to jot down your ideas on the go. You can change covers of these notebooks and rename them.

A notebook can consist of several "note cards", (i.e: the pages of a notebook). Much like a real notebook, you can draw (sketch) on note cards and add images in your notes. Moreover, you can create checklists, audio notes and notes with certain files attached (eg: PDF Files). The notebook app is a useful and at the same time, fun to use.

2. WPS Office:
It is a convenient All-in-one mobile office plus PDF suite, which some of you might be already using. Though there are a number of office suite apps on the Store, this one has minimal hardware requirements and runs smoothly on almost all devices. Basically, there you can create Word documents (.docx), text memo (.txt), PowerPoint presentation (.pptx), Spreadsheet and scan documents using your mobile camera. You can view PDF files and there is an option to export Word document to PDF files, enabling you to create PDF files on your cellphone.

3. Google Slides:
A famous slideshow creator app, Google Slides enables you to create feature-rich presentations on the go. It can create slideshows in both PowerPoint (.pptx) and Google Slides native formats. Along with rich collaboration features offered by Google, the app can also work offline. Therefore, you can simply complete your presentation even if the internet is not available.
Along with great features, this app features some nice templates, too.

It is a popular app on the Play Store and has a very good rating + positive feedback from users. The app provides an all-in-one interface for checklists, calendar, tasks and reminders so that you wouldn't forget an important task again. Another pleasant thing in the app is the capability to collaborate on tasks and share checklists. This is a nice app for those who need to be more than organized. 
A nice alternative app is TickTick by "Appest Inc.", having positive feedback from users.

5. Microsoft Office Lens:
A useful app developed by Microsoft, the Office Lens app helps you to create scanned copies if documents using your phone camera in JPEG (image) format. What you need to do is just placing the camera above the desired document and this app identifies the area to be scanned and processes it into a scan-like image file. 

Some alternate apps are TinyScanner, CamScanner and Adobe Scan.

Hope it helps to accomplish things with better efficiency with some of the free apps for your Android Buddy.

Note that all apps mentioned here are FREE on Google Play Store and you can easily find then by their name.

[All trademarks, brand names and service marks mentioned above are the properties of their respective owners and are used here for the information purposes only.]

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