The Causes Why Your Android Is Hanging Up And Sometimes Can't Send Text.

The Reasons Why Your Android Phone Is Hanging And Sometimes Can't Send Text.

Cause of android hang up and can't send text even though you have a airtime load and your cell service is okay.

Have you guys ever experienced that your android phone is hanging up, slowing down and sometimes can't send text even if your cell service is okay and you have a lot of airtime balance in your SIM? One of the most common reason or cause of an android hanging up or slowing down is that you may have your free space in your android phone shrinking. Android needs your phone to have an adequate space remaining in your internal phone storage for the phone to operate normally.

If you are running out of space storage in your internal storage in your android phone you may have to free up some space in your phone. In order to free up space in your phone's internal storage you have to uninstall apps that you are not using frequently. You also have to refrain in updating apps if you are also not using them frequently. Try to disable automatice updates in your Google Play Store so that your phone will not update your apps automatically.

Another reason or cause of hanging up on android is that you may have an app that is not functioning well, I have noticed that some apps in android phone is always running in the background even if it is not really need, the remedy? Try to uninstall those apps that are keeping on running on the background if you are also not using them frequently. Apps that are running in the background is eating up your internal memory that may cause perfotmance slow down.

But what if you can't send text even if your cell service is okay and you have a lot of airtime balance in your SIM? You also tried to restart it but to no avail it is still can't send text.

You also tried to contact your cellular service provider and to no avail they also can't help you on figuring out why you can't send a simple text. It happened to me once, I did restarted my phone, I also uninstalled some apps that I am not using frequently.

I did try to remember what I have done on my phone before I was not able to send text. And I do remember that I have not done nothing, so what I have done next is I tried to turn-off then turn-on my SIM on the android's phone settings and also to no avail I did not work. Suddenly there was a light bulb appear in my mind, why not remove the SD card? It might be the reason why I can't send text. To my surprise it did get rid of the problem. I now can send text after I removed my SD card.

My SD card maybe malfunctioning or whatever it is. As of now I am not using again the SD card that I removed. I just bought a new one and replaced it right away.

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    Some time even having sufficient space in my internal phone, it get hang and not function with regular speed. Although smart phones are having lot many necessary features, but the old generation phone was tension free.
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