Best Android Apps of 2017 by Google

Google's List of Best Android Apps of 2017

Best Android Apps of 2017 by Google
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The article focuses on the list of best android apps of the year 2017 revealed by Google. The apps which have got a place inside the list ranks on the basis of their individual utility as well as popularity among the masses all around. Some of the apps are already well known to the users, however there are other several apps which are still unknown among the people but they have been given position in the list of best android apps.

Google has published the list of top and best android applications for the year 2017 without including the most popular android apps such as Facebook and Whatsapp. The list covers the android applications from several categories on the basis of their popularity along with built-in structures and future strategies. The list completely differentiates itself from most of the people’s expectations as the famous social networking apps including Facebook and Whatsapp are not included in this list. The decision is extremely shocking yet interesting because the list of apps included really deserved a place to be given the ranks.

Most of the android applications are of such kind which the people might not have heard of. But, due to their increasing popularity and positive vision towards the society’s goodwill, they have been given the ranks in this list. People may proceed towards downloading the apps right now from their android play store after looking at their individual features discussed in this article.

Let us have a discussion of all these apps by the means of the following points:-


Socratic - Math Answers and Homework Help

This application has been given the top position in the list of best apps of 2017 published by Google. This app solves the questions asked to it by utilizing its artificial intelligence based capability. Students or any other individual can download this app into the smartphone from Google play store. They can further click the picture of the desired question to be asked and this app will reply to the question asked using its artificial intelligence. It does not matter whether the questions to be clicked are handwritten. The questions can be asked from any of the categories including Mathematics, General Awareness, History etc. The app also provides the facilities to share the notes among friends.

2. PicsArt Animator       

This app has been given the position of most entertaining app of the year 2017 as the app provides several built in facilities and options to create cartoon videos, GIFs and self created emojis also. Owing to its rich features provided, downloads and popularity of the app went on increasing at a rapid rate all over the world and finally this application won its place to be declared by Google as the most entertaining app of the year 2017.

3. Like - Magic Special Effect Video Editor

This app has been rated and registered as the best social app of the year in the list published by Google. This app deals with the quality editing of the video files by inserting emotions and other special effects as per the user’s requirements. As soon as the video editing gets completed as per the necessity, it can instantly be shared online.

4. SideChef - Step-by-Step Cooking

This app has also been rated by Google and published in the list of apps of the year 2017. The app contains top quality recipes as well as it provides voice commands to smoothly navigate through them based on our selections. Food loving people along with the one who loves to cook delicious foods with gentle wrap of technological guidance can definitely go through the features enlisted inside the app.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest has been rated as the most innovative application of the year on the list published by this IT giant Google. As we all are aware of the advantages served by this useful application in sense of researching, organizing and sharing our ideas and therefore it has been given a place in the list keeping in view the popularity and continuous downloads based on its features.

6. Improve English - Word Games

Google has rated this app as the best hidden gem of the year owing to its popularity among the users worldwide. Unlike all the other similar category apps, this app’s feature is amazing and extremely unconventional. This application helps to improve and strengthen the English skills with simple exercises, interesting games and continuous reminders set as per the necessity.

Google published the above listed apps and rated them the best android apps of the year 2017 based on their specific features, utilities and popularity among the masses all around the world. Few of the enlisted apps are already well known to the users, however some of the apps are still unknown but can definitely inspire the users everywhere based on their built in characteristics.

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