How to Solve "DOMAIN IS BLOCKED" problem in the internet

How to unblock a blocked domain?

How to Solve
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If you happen to come across THIS DOMAIN IS BLOCKED while surfing, don't panic, there is a very simple solution to that.

While surfing the net I suddenly could not access the website of youtube.  I thought I mistyped the site URL so I typed over and over again but I got all the same result.  A Page with the image of Open DNS appeared with this notification” “This domain is blocked. Sorry has been blocked by your network administrator.  If you think this should not be blocked please contact your network administration.”

I had no idea why this happened and could not understand what network administrator this notification is talking about because this is my private computer and I have no network administrator whatsoever. So I panicked because I thought my computer has been affected by malaware.

Then I thought of asking solutions in the net.  I googled the issue.  I found  thread of this same issue in various forums where this problem is being tackled but I found none of the answers given helpful. One suggested deleting the host file in system 32 folder which I did not for fear that it might cause bigger problem on my computer.  The other solutions are mostly not applicable to this specific problem while some replies are only nothing but spam.

Then I thought of calling my Internet Service Provider for they could be of help to my problem.  However, the Customer Service Hotline put me on queue and I was not ready to waste my time waiting.

I then thought of doing system restore but my computer could not complete the task because of issues with my anti-virus.  I thought of giving up for I was already exhausted.


 Just when I was about to give up I suddenly I found one answer in a forum that says rebooting the router will help.  I did.  I turned off the router, waited for few seconds and then turned it on again.  I waited for few minutes before I checked if it helped. Unfortunately it did not.  I hated it so and thought it was really time to give up.  But I really could not be contented unless I got the solution to this problem so I tried rebooting my router once more.  This time, I reboot it twice then I unplugged and waited longer time before switching it on.

After few minutes I tried to access the youtube site again.

Voi la!  Finally, it worked.  I was able to gain access  to youtube.  That gave me rest finally.

If you happen to meet this same problem, I hope the process of rebooting your router will help you too.

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