Download LG Optimus Lock Screen for all android phones

LG Optimus Lockscreen APK Download for Android

Download LG Optimus Lock Screen for all android phones
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LG Optimus series phones have very cool looking lock screen. Now you can have it on your android phone too for free. Keep reading for more information.

LG Optimus series phones are having very cool lock screen application. Personally I always want to have such lock screen on my android phone instead of boring default android lock scren. I am not alone; I guess lot many people on internet like this lock screen from the LG optimus series phones and want to have it too. Now developers have developed one application named ‘LG Optimus Lockscreen’ which is available for free on the Google play store. Using this application you can have very similar kind of lock screen on any android phone. But you should be running on Ice creams sandwich android version or higher.

After installing this application and enabling it you will get totally new lock screen which will give water drop effect on your lock screen.

That water drop animation will take place when you drag your finger on the screen to unlock your phone. Not only that the developers have also given other effects with little modification and changes with this application. Means you will get more similar kind of effects as well so that you not get bored with same lock screen effect. They have provided Particle lock screen effect, Crystal lock screen effect, DewDrop lock screen effect, Ripple lock screen effect and White hole lock screen effect. All of them will work differently as their name suggests.

There is also many other personalization options available on this application. You can enable disable sound for locking and unlocking device. You can also put shortcuts of applications on the lock screen from the setting page. You can also turn on lock screen notification from the same place. Plus if you have rooted android phone then you can also hide and transparent the status bar visible on the lock screen. Using personalization option you can also change the wallpaper of the lock screen and with that you can also increase and decrease size of date and time. So in short there is lots of features and personalization options available with this application.

You may face one problem. Means you may face double lock screen; one is the default android lock screen and second one is this application lock screen. So if you face the same then you can disable system lock screen for time being directly from this application. You can always re-enable it from this app when you want to have that original lock screen back.

Same developer has also made Samsung lock screen application which is also interesting one. I will tell about it later on. This application is for free on Google play store. You may see ads when this application is on, but when you will close the application setting page, you will get no ad but your lock screen will stay enabled. So enjoy.

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