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Smartphone Touchscreen Of Your Choice: Resistive Or Capacitive?

Today's Smart Phone Touch Screens

Touchscreen smartphones now come with two types of screen: resistive and capacitive touchscreens. Which one you should choose off course depends on how you will use your smartphones and your budget. Smartphones with capacitive touchscreen are more expensive as they are labeled high-end smartphones; while the ones with resistive touchscreen are categorized as low-end smartphones.

Touch screen smart phones now come with two types of screen: resistive and capacitive touch screens. Which one you should choose off course depends on how you will use your smart phones and your budget. Smart phones with capacitive touch screen are more expensive as they are labeled high-end smart phones; while the ones with resistive touch screen are categorized as low-end smart phones.

 If you have resistive touch screen smart phones, you can use the nail of your finger, stylus and other any other objects like ballpoints or pencils. Supposing your fingers are wounded, you can still use other objects to navigate from one application to others in your phones. Capacitive touch screen can only be operated with your fingertips. Navigating is easier and you don’t have to give pressure to the screen.

With a light touch of your fingertip, you can move from one menu to the others.

With capacitive touch screen, you swipe, pinch the screen to zoom in and out. Such other objects as stylus, fingernails, pencil or ballpoint do not work on capacitive touch screen smart phones. High-end smart phones like Samsung Galaxy S, Apple Phone 3GS and others come with capacitive touch screen. Other smart phone brands like Advan, Mitto also use capacitive touch screens for their smart phones with the latest Android operating systems.

As a smart phone user, I prefer the one with capacitive touch screen as I often take pictures and love zooming in and out the picture I have taken. The only problem with my smart phone is that I cannot see the screen clearly under the sun. There must be other types, with which you view the screen of your smart phones in all conditions. What I do not like about resistive touch screen smart phones is that I often lose such small things as stylus. Besides, I also often make a lot of typos when it comes to texting. Moreover, today’s smart phones come with capacitive touch screens.

 Reference: http://www.goodgearguide.com.au/article/355922/capacitive_vs_resistive_touchscreens/

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