What to do if your laptop is plugged in but not charging?

How To Fix Laptop's “Plugged In Not Charging” Problem?

What to do if your laptop is plugged in but not charging?
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Have you confused what to do when your laptop is not charged? Don't fed up.Read below and you can solve the issue

The laptop is surely one of the most important things that we need at times for our works. However, at the due time when you set your laptop on charge and it continuously shows its reluctance of getting re-charged again, it would turn your head for sure.

Why doesn't a laptop get charged?

It is not an issue to charge a laptop. You just have to put the plug in and the battery would be charged. You may not know, but the fact is, there are many things in between the charging points on both the sides. Everybody does not know it all and therefore most of the people may finish up with their laptops in the mechanic shops. That should not be the way.

You can surely check the problem and fix that yourself if you follow some simple rules.

  • Make sure that your adaptor is actually plugged in with the laptop machine.

    The adaptor may have some problems for what the machine may not be able to get charged.
  • The battery may get less effective and so it may decline to be charged anymore.
  • Make sure that all the parts of the computer are perfectly sound. If there is any breakage or burn, the hardware system may not be able to recharge the battery also.
  • Heat is also a problem that may trouble the battery.

Covering Up

Once you get the issues with your power cord or charger of the laptop, take a close look at the hardware systems. First, you need to look at the AC adapter and then to the plug with which the wire is connected. The technical things may not get fixed if you do not take it to the mechanic, but checking it may make it sure that you know the issues so that the mechanic does not get an upper-hand on your innocence.

The heat is the most important factor that plays an important role for the batteries. If you can make sure that your battery is not getting heated, the charger may not face the issues. If you run the machine with external batteries and not from the batteries, it may save that power for the time when the external source would not be available.

Sometimes the hardware gets burnt through some short circuits. It would be better to check the machine at times if you notice some unnatural issues. It may save your time and your machine.

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