How Do You Keep Your Memorable Photos And Videos Safely?

Use Google Drive to save your files

In addition to saving your photos or files in CD or DVD, it is also advisable to use Google Drive where you can easily upload and download any of your photos or files. This is simply because CD or DVD is easily damaged if not handled correctly.

It annoys me every time I remember my damaged CD or DVD, in which I stored all memorable time with my children. I recorded my children activities since they were babies. The photos and clips of video were all gone as the CD or DVD could not be used anymore.

Now, my children are now in their teens and I wish I could show them their pictures and videos. I am sure it would be a lot of fun for my children to watch their videos recorded when they were still small and funny.

All the mistakes came from me. Why didn’t I use Google Drive to store all photos and videos instead of CD or DVD, which are easily damaged if not well taken care of? Or I could have created a blog for their activities as well. With pictures and videos stored in Google Drive, we can view them from any where in the world.

I promise from now on that I won’t use any discs to store my children’s activities.

If I still do it, there should be backup files in the Google Drive or other similar services in the internet. With internet technology advancement, we can do almost all things—uploading and downloading pictures, videos and many other files easily, blogging, browsing to search for valuable information, and chatting with friends living in any where in the world.

What about you? Do you happen to know any other places where we can store all our data safely without others peeping into it? I am sure I will be happy to know it if you are willing to share it with me. If you think DVD or CD is good to store all the data, how can we maintain the discs in order that they will not be easily damaged?

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Nice one, as for me I am keeping my memorable photographs online and on some of my digital storage devices. Some are also saved in my laptop. Good thing there are now lots of storage options available we just have to choose what suits best for us.