Basic Concepts of Eco-friendly Technology

Eci-friendly use of technology

Basic Concepts of Eco-friendly Technology
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Eco friendly technology consists of eco friendly products by using renewable resources. The below given article is all about the use of ecofriendly technology.

Eco-friendly technology is used to produce environment friendly products by using renewable resources. This article is an attempt to provide the basic concepts of eco-friendly technology.

Eco-friendly means "being friendly to the environment". Eco-friendly technology is all about optimization of renewable resources without harming the environment. Aim of this technology is "do more by using less". This technology makes sure that we use fewer resources with full efficiency for gaining more profitability and productivity. By using this technology we can get energy from the sun, water, wind and sea.

This technology is also known as sustainable technology.


There are some main objectives of this technology:

* Energy efficiency
* Ecological sustainable development
* Reducing harmful waste
* Reducing environmental impact
* Making the best use of available resources
*To provide the safe and pollution free environment

Types of eco-friendly energy sources

There are many eco-friendly recourses of energy. Due to the advancement of technology, we can use them effectively.

Solar Power Energy
The source of solar power energy is sun. It is free of cost and it doesn't pollute the environment. Sun provides the life to living creatures. Now solar energy is being considered as an alternative energy resource.

Geothermal Energy
Earth is a great source of heat energy. Human is able to extract this energy in a very minute fraction. It is the energy which is extracted from the heat stored by the earth. It is very reliable, sustainable and eco-friendly energy source. This energy is being used from ancient times.

Wind power Energy
It is generated by wind or moving air. This energy can be generated when air is moving fast. That is a reason it is not reliable at all the places. It is good for hill areas , sea side and coastal areas where wind is very fast.

Water power Energy
Water is also a very good source of energy. Where the water flows fast, energy can be generated and used to produce electricity. Various Dams and reservoirs are being used as a source of electricity generation.

Tidal power Energy
Earth is mainly covered by the sea; approximately ¾ area of earth is covered by water. In a sea we can get three types of energy : 1. energy of waves, 2. energy of tides and 3. energy of sea current. But it is not easy to convert sea power to electric power. It needs a lot of investment and advanced technology.

Advantages of using Eco-friendly Technology

1. We can protect our environment by reducing toxic emissions of gases and liquids from various industries. We can increase the recovery and reuse of waste or scrap materials.

2. Now people are more aware about environment protection. Hence companies can increase their brand image through providing eco-friendly products.

3. Due to the various awareness campaigns, people are more alert about the environment. They are intended to buy eco-friendly products. It will give a healthy competition among the companies.

4. By developing new innovative products, companies can earn credibility and fame among the customers.

5. We can reduce cost of products by using energy and materials more efficiently and by bulk production.

6. It will help to produce environment friendly products.

7. It will reduce risk also by not using toxic substances.

There can be innumerable advantages of eco-friendly technology. It depends on us that what extent we can use this eco-friendly technology.

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