How to Optimize Android Phone Battery For Better Backup

How to Get More From Android Phone Battery

How to Optimize Android Phone Battery For Better Backup
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Here are some simplest tips to optimize your Android phone's battery life bit by bit.

As the new generation Android  devices are getting smarter and faster, more and more users have to bother about the battery back up..

The new generation phones sport powerful processors and larger RAMs, making every thing more and more complex. 

But at the same time, the battery technology isn't evolving in that speed, forcing us to plug in our charger three or four times a day.

I recently bought a low end phone and faced the same problem with the battery backup. With some effort, however, I could find a number of ways to extend it satisfactorily.

And, with some system-level and app-level optimizations, you can too. Scroll down to discover.


1. Restrict Background Processes: 

  Even when you are not using the phone, a number of apps work in background and eat up your juice. To prevent it, you can restrict background processes.

Go to settings >> apps >> running and you will see the list of running 'services' started by various apps.

Go and hit STOP one by one. Stop all those services except system services and those you want to continue because of some reason.

This way you can free up RAM, and kill the bad guys working in background.

If you find an app which is not used frequently but does occupy your RAM and work in background, consider Uninstalling it.

Look for "developer options" under settings.

If you could not find it, proceed to "about phone >> device information" or a similar title in your phone and find BUILD NUMBER. Tap on it repeatedly and you will get developer options in system settings. Note that this trick does not work in some devices.

Go to developer options, enable it, and scroll to bottom. Tick the box named "DON'T KEEP ACTIVITIES" and below, you can find a dropdown to "limit background processes". Set the limit to 1 or 2.

You can even turn off the animation scales to save extra juice.

2. Turn off Background Data:

Proceed to  Settings > Data Usage  and click on the three dots icon on the upper right. You can   find the option to restrict background data.

If you can't find it, disable background data for apps manually. 

This also helps to save your airtime. 

Disabling background data for apps that you don't want to run in background helps save your data plan. But note disabling background data for all apps in one shot may stop the functioning of messaging and social media apps. However, some phones provide you with an option to exclude certain apps from the limitation.

3. Go for Power saving mode:

 Many phones provide the option under Settings >> Battery. With little effort, you can find and enable it. In Android Lollipop, It can usually be found by tapping the three dots icon on upper right corner. One can even exclude certain apps from being restricted because of this mode. Therefore, you need not worry about using Facebook or WhatsApp in power saving mode.

4. Disable vibration:

Disabling vibration under audio profiles can save a lot. You can turn off keypad vibration under input settings, usually labelled as "Language and Input". Go to the configurations of your current keyboard app and you will find a way to disable vibration on touch.

 Turning of notification lights and disabling notifications from insignificant apps can also help to extended battery life.

5. Clean junk apps: 

You can find out which apps are overusing your battery under settings. ( Settings >> Battery & Settings >> Apps >> Running

Disable or uninstall unwanted apps under settings. Use lite apps wherever possible. For example, use Facebook Lite version instead of the default version. This also helps to speed up your device.

Use a standard browser instead of using apps for each and every site, wherever possible.

6. Use Greenify to hibernate apps:

  Greenify is a long time popular app which  hibernates background apps when display is off. You can get the app from Play Store.

There are many alternative battery saver apps to Greenify but this one is the simplest and has good feedback from users. With Greenify one can also add app hibernation widget to home screen.

Sometimes, the app hibernation process can be irritating. If you feel so, you can search the store for other battery saver apps. Remember that some of those apps on the store are just bullshits. Read user reviews carefully before installing any app. Most of so-called battery savers and charging booster apps are no more than TRASH.

Bonus trick:  Open the dial pad and type *#*#4636#*#* in your phone to know complete battery and network statistics, including battery temperature.

(If you are using a phone with AMOLED display, set a dark background so that fewer pixels need to be lit up. It can save a lot of battery.)

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