Windows is freezing or hanging when browsing a website with embedded video.

Windows freezes or hangs when browsing websites with video.

Windows is freezing or hanging when browsing a website with embedded video.
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How to fix when Windows 10 hangs while browsing websites with embedded video.

Hi guys, it’s me again, Jonathan. Last week I have stumble upon a problem wherein the Yahoo website will make the whole google chrome browser freeze to a halt while browsing the news feed of the Yahoo website. And the solution is to turn off “use hardware acceleration when available” in the settings of the google chrome browser itself.

Today, just almost a few days after the Yahoo problem I have stumble upon again a problem wherein “when browsing a website with embedded video it will freeze the windows for a few seconds”. You have to wait for the windows to unfreeze for you to be able to use or click anything on windows including any open apps that you have.

Note: I have encountered this problem in a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit edition. I have no data regarding with other versions of windows as of the moment. As soon as I have noticed the freezing on windows I have immediately checked if the freezing really is all over windows.

And I have found out that it did make the whole windows operating system freeze to a halt.

What I have done or my next step is to check whether there is any application that is hanging in the background. So, I headed to the Event Viewer and to check to there are really any application that is hanging in the background. And to my surprise I did find one application hanging or having error and to my surprise the application that is hanging is Video.UI.exe.

Even Viewer is the place wherein you can find all the faulting application on your windows it can help you diagnose anything that is going bad on your computer even if you are not a full pledged I.T. guy like me. If you are able to understand plain English then you can absolutely get the message when you see an application having problem in the list of the Event Viewer itself.

If you have no idea on how you can resolve the faults that you will found in the Event Viewer head into google then get help from there. Back to the topic, I did find that the faulting application is Video.UI.exe, by searching in the internet I have found out that it associated with windows 10 operating system. With the logic that if the Video.UI.exe is having an error, I have come to the conclusion that is associated with “Movies & TV” app of the windows.

What I did next is I disabled it. The disable it go to SETTINGS -> PRIVACY-> BACKGROUND APPS then toggle it to OFF to disable it. After I disabled it the freezing was gone. You may have to restart your computer to make sure that it took effect. Again, it did the trick for me. It should do the same for you.

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