How To Book LPG Cylinder Using Facebook In Simple Steps

Facebook Made LPG Booking Easier in India

How To Book LPG Cylinder Using Facebook In Simple Steps
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LPG booking via Facebook is one of the latest feature launched by one of the famous LPG distributor in India. Following a sequence of steps mentioned in this article, anyone can easily book his LPG sitting at home. The provided facility is going on popular day-by-day among the masses all around who love to use Facebook and utilize it's beneficial applications.

All of you must be aware with the widespread increasing popularity of Facebook all over the world. It is one of the best and renowned social networking platform which helps us connect with our friends and community online providing a user friendly environment along with real time message chatting, voice chatting as well as video calling too.

However, today I am going to discuss one of the best applications of Facebook launched recently by Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) which is getting popular day-by-day. Actually, the complete discussion concentrates on a Facebook utility to book LPG sitting at home without any difficulties. Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has started this booking facility and hence only it's consumers will be benefited using this LPG booking option.

Steps to Book LPG Cylinder using Facebook 

Let us discuss the list of steps required to book LPG via Facebook :-

1. Login your Facebook account and type IOC (Indian Oil Corporation) under the search area.
2. IOC (Indian Oil Corporation) Facebook page link will appear in the first search result.

Click to open this Facebook page of Indian Oil Corporation.
4. Click on Book Now button displayed under this page.
5. A page will be opened in which your name and e-mail will already be listed. You have to fill up your LPG id in the given place and click on continue button.
6. The page will be submitted and your e-mail id will automatically get registered along with the gas agency.
7. Book now option will appear once again in which you will once again be required to click.
8. After this, your name and the concerned gas agency name will be displayed and just after a click, your LPG gas will be booked.
9. Soon after this booking, sms and e-mail will also be sent to the registered mobile number and e-mail id already registered along with the gas agency.  Booking of LPG gas cylinder via Facebook page is one of the most recent update initiated by Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) and the above list of steps is required to be followed systematically to get the booking confirmed without any difficulty.

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I think you cannot buy it America because Indian Oil Company manufactures this LPG for which the facility has been provided..Visit my Youtube Channel and search me by finding my name "Ashutosh Chandra Mishra" in the Youtube search bar..I will be soon uploading several related and most similar topics on my channel as it is well related to Technology. Thanks and Regards,


Can this be bought in America? I feel this is a great idea and a good way for them to expand their business,I assume this is natural gas and this a good source of power as a fuel. I have had a gas furnace and now I have oil, both were good at heating the place but the gas seemed to be less expensive. I like my oil now and it seems I have to fill it less because it has a larger tank.