CamScanner for storing our documents

Scan your documents instantly using Camscanner

CamScanner for storing our documents
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Download this application and scan your documents instantly without need of scanner. This will save your lots of time and keep all your documents in your hand.

We are in business world where we need our documents for multiple reasons. Sometime we need them on computer for different purpose by scanning them out. For that mostly we all have to go out for scanning them and take it in to some storing device. But if you are having android device (I seriously don’t know if it is available for IOS) then you can do it easily without use of scanner.

You may think that we will not have that much quality like scanner. But just try this thing and I am sure you will not think the same again. I am talking about CamScanner application which is available for free on playstore.

There are two versions, one is paid and other is free. If you want more features then you can go for paid one but otherwise for normal usage free version works fine.

Just install this application from play store. Now whatever document you need to store you just need a photograph of it or you can take direct photo from that application using your mobile’s camera. Let me tell you this is not like ordinary taking photograph of any document. After taking photo this application will automatically edit that photo by adjusting different things like brightness, contrast and many more. And it will make photo for you much brighter just like scanner effect. Means you will see your document photo just like you have scanned it with scanner. After scanning you can save that file on the software.

This application doesn’t stop here. You can also save your scanned document in any format like pdf and jpg. You can store them on your mobile and also directly share them on any popular social media network. So by this way scanning and sharing document will be instant. You can do it without wasting any kind of time.

With premium version you can do even more things. Premium account will offer you 10Gb clouds space where you can store your important documents permanently. Means even if you will change your mobile, you can have them on your new phone just by adding your account in application. There are many other benefits too of premium account, but this one I liked most.

So this is it. This is kind of very useful application. I guess I have almost explained all useful features of it. You can checkout more by installing it on your mobile. This will surely save your time from going to any computer shop for scanning document. Have fun. 

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It's a very useful application . I have it on my phone and I often use it to scan and save documents.


It looks like a cool app, but will it make any difference on my battery? I am interested in this one but am afraid my battery will last lesser than before.


Nope it will not effect the battery of your phone. Just go for it without any problem.