Why Does PayPal Urge Me That My Password And Secret Question Be Updated?

Secured PayPal Security System

PayPal has for the last five years required that users' password to log in should be updated regularly. This is simply due to many users having log-in issues as a result of their password having been changed by irresponsible persons. PayPal's clear objectives to do this is merely to help users protect their money.

Why does PayPal.com ask me to change my password and secret questions every time I have logged in? I seldom log in to my PayPal account because I have few transactions every month. I log in whenever I receive payment from expertscolumn. Yesterday, I logged in to see if my US$9 from expertscolumn is still there. It is still there, and I soon logged out. Several minutes later, I received an email from PayPal saying that someone just logged in and PayPal wanted to quickly change my password and secret questions.

Feeling worried, I returned PayPal website to log in and I found there was nothing wrong and my balance was still the same. I noticed that my account became limited, meaning that I won’t be able to send money.

The limitation will be removed after I follow some instructions—changing my password and secret questions, and adding credit card or debit card.

I finally followed two of the actions—changing my password and secret questions. The change would take effect after 72 hours. Based on what happened to me, I presume that it was due to my not having logged in for a long time, which PayPal thinks as unusual and suspicious. Do you think if I regularly log in to my account PayPal security team will not ask me to update my password and secret questions.

Please share with me if that also happened to you, and your tips about how to ensure PayPal that nothing is suspicious and unusual because in fact there was no one else peeped in to say nothing of stealing the money.

It is good of PayPal to remind me of possible theft by emailing me to follow their instructions for my benefit but if it happens so often, I feel sort of overwhelmed changing password and secret question too frequently. I appreciate any similar experience to be shared here. Thank you.

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A few months back, I did get a few emails from PP claiming that there had been suspicious activities on my account and I was told to log in to change my password otherwise my account would have limited access. I logged into my account and there was no such message from PP. I now realize that those were phishing emails. If I were you, I would ignore such emails and contact PP directly to find out if indeed there had been any suspicious activities on your account.


I haven't logged in to Paypal for a month or so and they didn't ask me to change my password or security question when I did it, so they must have noticed something suspicious if they ask you to change them so frequently. It's also true that so far I've only used my computer to log in to Paypal, if I had done it from a different device they might have asked me to confirm my identity, but normally that would have only happened once.


Actually, I had got a similar email telling me about a few things. They gave a link and asked me to log in. It was the first time for me to get such an email and I thought I'd better confirm it from someone. I asked my friend and he told me to report it to PP if they indeed sent any such email. I reverted to PP and they told me that, at least that mail wasn't sent out by them. And I deleted that immediattely.


True, I have been receiving messages too. When I logged in back to paypal after inactivity for some time, it has double security checks now. It's annoying at first but on second thought, it's actually better.


I concentrated on the $9 though, haha. Lucky for you, you have been receiving that much.


Thank for commenting. Now the security is getting a lot stricter. Even Gmail sends an SMS to a phone number I registered with it to check if it is me who logged in in another browser.