Hyundai Flaunts What Could Be The Next Big Thing- An “iron Man” Style Robotic Exoskeleton

Hyundai's New Wearable Robot Turns You Into A Mech Pilot(provide Alternate Title)

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The Korean company on Wednesday published a blog post flaunting what they are working on. If this will come to fruition, it will be the next big thing and could definitely be the first step in putting a man in a machine. 

Would you like to see a man in “iron man” suit? According to Hyundai, they are working to make it possible for a man to enter a robotic exoskeleton, in their next big project Wearable Robotic ExoSkeleton, which will help to achieve what the company calls “the dream mobility.”

The Korean company on Wednesday published a blog post flaunting what they are working on. If this will come to fruition, it will be the next big thing and could definitely be the first step in putting a man in a machine. 

A reflection of the Iron Man’s suit and the potential of the movie’s robots is what should trigger our mind. This means, giving a man such power, and this would definitely be a breakthrough, on making man super powerful.

Hyundai believes this will be a major boost in the manufacturing sector, where apart from increasing productivity, accident incidences may be minimized, making our workplaces safer.Similar to the Iron Man suit robots in movies, this wearable robotic exoskeleton will give the user incredible super lifting strength. 

The overall weight of this suit will be about 110 pounds, and this will make it usable in defense, giving pilots the power to move faster over long distances.

This means their new development will go beyond what the previous exoskeletons have achieved. The previous exoskeletons are aimed at helping the paraplegics have the power to walk again. Additionally, the elderly and the weak are able to be more mobile and also get the strength to stand for a longer time, with ease.

Hyundai, who are famous for developing mid-level sedans, have now entered the mech-suits field. Despite being in the Mark I Phase, this amazing technology will open up the possibilities of putting a human user in a machine and achieving more power that we have always imagined.

From the evaluation, this wearable robot is more of a mark ll suit. It is a development of what they started last year when they released the Lifecaring ExoSkeleton. The Hyundai Lifecaring ExoSkeleton was clunky and heavy but showed the possibility of giving a man the power to lift loads, which are beyond his powers. 

What Hyundai is working on now, is a streamlined version, bringing to the table a lot of aesthetics compared to their previous releases, with much attention on functionality and form. This makes it lightweight and gives it more strength, hence superior performance that the previous releases.

Looking at the series of photos published by the company on their blog, this wearable robot will still be unwieldy and big. But there is one thing that doesn't look so good- the back piece. The back piece that holds the computer, motor and the biggest share of the robotic, still looks big. In fact, it brings the question, how is it not falling backward? On the other side, the handgrips are in the form of awkward claws; the whole system looks as if it is connected to a power source.  If this will be the case, it will have an implication on the range of movement that the user can make since it would appear the cord would dictate the movement range.

Despite Hyundai striking our imagination of having Irons Mans Suit with us soon, more questions arise. When do they plan to release the wearable robot? How will the battery be? And definitely what most of us would like to know, is how much will it cost.

But despite being in the dark concerning some of these finer details of this wearable exoskeleton robotic, Hyundai has a goal. As a company they believe the wearable robots they are working on and their development, will lead to free movement of things and people, more than we have experienced before. According to them, their wearable robot development will bring the “Next Mobility.”

While Hyundai is working on what we believe will be a game changer if everything goes well, there are continued efforts by different developers to make robotic exoskeletons more usable. According to tech news, Panasonic is working on similar suits, which are targeting factory workers. 
Researchers are developing leg-only contraptions that can be used every day. That’s not all; BMW and Audi, both, who are car manufacturers, are trying the use of exoskeletons, which engineers can sit on, in the mid air without much straining on their back. 

This gives enough reasons to keep an eye on Hyundai Company as they progress with this great project.


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