Why Green Web Hosting is Important?

Importance of Green Web Hosting

Why Green Web Hosting is Important?
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With a multitude of web host services coming up the magnitude of energy consumption is a growing concern. In a bid to ensure that our environment does not come in harms way, many web hosting companies have started realizing importance of green web hosting and are adopting it as an eco friendly way in which only renewable sources of energy are used. This article brings to life an insightful perspective on why green web hosting is necessary.

Why Green Web Hosting is Important? 

The energy consumption of web hosting companies is doubling every year; hence the need to adopt green marketing is becoming increasingly important. Green web hosting is getting increasingly popular because of the positive impact it has on nature. The alarming number of servers used in various fields of work utilizes a lot of energy. With a large number of web hosting services coming up, energy consumption levels are rising steadily. Servers being powered throughout the day consume a lot of energy and the emissions produced through this process are not safe for the environment.

If you aren’t familiar with what web hosting is, a web hosting service typically allows organizations; companies and individuals to make their website accessible in every corner through the World Wide Web. Web hosts provide space on a server that belongs to them.

Servers are given on lease to different organizations or companies to be used for providing any information or content in the form of images, video and data accessible through the web. The consumption of energy used by the number of servers in companies produce emissions which are hazardous to the environment. Conventional web hosts consume a great deal of power from generators that emit carbon and this affects the environment. Using green web hosting concepts ensure a new lease of life for mother earth in the future.

How Organizations can implement Green Web Hosting?

There are a lot of ways in which companies/organizations can use a renewable source of energy. For instance solar panels can be installed in data centers of a web hosting service. The solar panels are a great way to generate electricity which can help power servers in a company efficiently. With the practice of green web hosting methods companies can ensure that adequate steps have been taken to contribute in every way to help natures cause in a environment friendly way.

Energy generated by wind turbines and bio gas also contributes in a huge way towards a healthier environment. By using green web hosting, the renewable energy sources used ensure that carbon emission is reduced thus ensuring a cleaner and greener planet. A number of web host provider are contributing in a big way towards a cleaner and greener environment by using ‘energy star’ rating servers and energy efficient hardware to reduce power consumption.

A number of web hosts associated with green web hosting are buying REC (renewable energy certificates) Companies buying REC’s are associated with projects that involve solar power, hydroelectricity, and wind power, all renewable energy sources that contribute towards a cleaner and greener planet. Also, certain projects involve planting of saplings to reduce carbon emissions and harmful effects caused by environmental pollutants. A number of green web host companies are planting the surroundings of their data centers with trees to contribute towards a greener planet in the future.

If a company cannot generate a renewable source of energy on their own, there are various options where they can buy this service from companies providing them. Using eco friendly green hosting techniques will not only ensure the faith in your customers but also help other companies realize the importance of green web hosting towards a healthier environment. If it’s the cost of operations that’s worrying web host users, you’ve got to realize that the operational costs for companies implementing green web hosting techniques is marginally high, but it’s definitely worth the price as green web hosting contributes in a big way towards providing a safer and cleaner planet.

A cleaner and greener environment greatly depends on green web hosting. So it is important companies providing web hosting services switch to green web hosting as early as possible. 

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