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Apple iPhone X - Is it Worth Buying?

Is the iPhone X worth your $1000?

Apple iPhone X - Is it Worth Buying?
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The 10th anniversary iPhone was unveiled recently with the pre-orders already taking place in full swing. The device will be available soon and here we will take a look as to whether Apple IPhone X is a practical device to own or not and is it worth your $1000.

Apple at an event in San-Francisco recently announced the newer devices in the iPhone lineup with the 'X' being the centre of attraction. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were just a minor or unnoticeable update to the predecessor i.e the iPhone 7 or the 7 Plus which came with a new SOC and glass back enabling support for wireless charging. It would have been more practical if they were announced as the iPhone 7s or the 7s Plus. 

Keeping the 8 and 8 Plus aside lets talk about the 'X'. The iPhone X comes with a 5.8 inch Super Retina AMOLED display i.e the display from Samsung. The resolution is a weird 1125x2436 which turns out to be about 458ppi. The screen is HDR10 and Dolby vision compliant and also comes with 3D touch.

The rear and front of the device is flanked by glass which in turn paves the way for Wireless charging and also finally supports fast charging. The sides of the iPhone X consist of a metallic frame which should suffice for decent blows and impacts. Overall the approximate 83% screen to body ratio along with an elongated notch which houses the camera, sensors and the face ID mapping sensors provide a unique look which can be accepted as a design change by Apple. The rear of iPhone X consists of the vertically placed camera sensors of 12MP out of which one is an optical image sensor enabling 2X zoom where the quality is not sacrificed and the details are maintained. The camera module also comes with an LED flash placed between the cameras. The front facing camera is of 7MP with f/2.2 lens. Overall the camera performance should be quite similar to the predecessor with the option for capturing portrait shots and a new feature of editing which Apple calls it as studio lighting. 

Speaking of whats powering the device, it comes with Apple's own Bionic A11 chipset with 6 cores - 2 high powered and remaining 4 low powered. The GPU used is Apple's own with 3 core graphics. This SOC is the most powerful offering from Apple and has been constantly topping the benchmarks. Well, in the performance department Apple has never failed to maintain their legacy and it comes with 64 and 256 GB storage with no option for in between and the RAM provided is 3GB. 

Now, coming to the main point i.e is the iPhone X  worth your $1000? All the devices and especially flagships come with the most secure security feature i.e the fingetprint sensor however the X does not since Apple could not figure out the way to embed it within the screen. The iPhone X comes with Face ID which with the help of sensors including 3D mapping will unlock your device by just looking at it. Well APPLE has made it clear that the Face unlocking can be fooled with an identical twin. Does the photo unlocking work?? only time will tell!! Another factor is the protruding camera module. This may not be a deal breaker for many however with the device not being the thinnest, Apple should have found a way to reduce the protruding and also the elimination of 3.5mm headphone jack for the use of bluetooth earphones and precisely Airpods is a clear indication of Apple's intention of earning only profits. Basically, the iPhone 8/8 Plus is a more practical device and worth spending for however its finally a personal choice. Overall, Apple has done a good job in finally updating their design however it seems more like an unfinished product that had to be completed in a specified time to be ready for sale.  

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I just upgraded to the iphone 6 last year and I am happy with it. This phone does all I need and then some. Apple and other manufacturers keep producing these phones for people to buy while the old one still works fine. I will not get another phone until this one stops working and I can guarantee it will not cost 1,000.00


The iPhone 6 was a game changer back then since Apple had to finally increase the screen size from its regular 4 inch limit. Indeed the design was great however it came with a problem of bending. Hope those issues were resolved. Anyways iOS is quite reliable with official support for many years unlike Android.


I agree with you. Apple sometimes goes too far when it comes to advance technology. I wasn't happy with the headphones which had lighting connector instead of the Aux-in. I can't use my headphones while charging! Similarly, this identical twin problem. Why use a technology in main-stream phones when it already has a known vulnerability? I also don't like not having an option of wired headphones. What if someone is sensitive to radiation? With on-going research and the general concerns about the radiation, we should have at least been given an option. Great post. Best wishes with your writing.


I fully agree with your point about the removal of audio jack and creating unnecessary mess in the usage. Probably Apple is focussing on more profits and same can be seen with their MacBook lineup of 2017. No useful ports and just 4 USB type-C and in the iPhone its another story with the lightning port. Hope they come up with better products in 2018 rather than just eliminating stuff. Anyways thanks for your comment !!


I never used or bought an Iphone but I think this latest gadget is the same as the previous versions of Apple. The only difference is that the design is more stylish and the feature of Face ID to unlock screens. Thanks for sharing wonderful review.


Thank you so much for your feedback. Indeed its like any of their previous products only with some design changes.


I am also a smartphone geek with my own blog and really love to write about it. Anyway, this is a cool review you have written. However, I recently saw a video where twins were testing the Face ID and the iPhone X performed up and down.


Yep. Only one area that impressed me is that the face ID cannot be bypassed via an image or a photograph.


I always find Apple products overpriced. And this latest iPhone is the most overpriced so far and also overrated. It's only for people who want the prestige of owning an Apple product. It's just another ostentatious product that is not worth my hard earned money.


That's right, UmiNoor. It's not only about you or me, but a lot of other people also feel the same about the price. Even there are TV ads that speak of the iPhones being very pricey. But if the Bangalore unit starts local production for India, only then the prices can come down.