User Review of HUAWEI GR5 Mini

User Review of Smartphone - HUAWEI GR5 Mini

User Review of HUAWEI GR5 Mini
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This is a user review article about Huawei GR5 mini smartphone according to my user experiences.

Today, the smartphone has become a popular technical device. As a smartphone user, I use HUAWEI GR5 mini. It's really useful for my purposes. Mostly I use it for Internet surfing, email checking, online transactions etc. I purchased it for about 188USD and its model is Huawei-NMO-L31.There are gold, silver and gray colour mobile phones in this model and my choice was the gold colour one. It's really smart.

Its operating system is Android Version 6.0(Marshmallow).

The device is lighter and easy to carry in travelling. Its screen width is 73.76mm as well as screen height is 147.1mm.The depth of the device is 8.3mm.Following hardware features are available in this smartphone.

•    Kirin 650 CPU
•    2GB RAM & 16GB ROM
•    USB 2.0 support

The processor speed is really good to handle my works through the mobile phone. There are several options to optimize the memory of the device. File Manager options, moving options from internal memory to a SD card, junk files cleaning options etc can be identified as some examples. Even though Dual-SIM option is available in the device, currently I'm using only a single SIM. 

The device’s battery is 3000 mAh-non-removable one. If I’m not using mobile data or Wi-Fi continuously, I can keep the device about 2-3 days without charging. When mobile data is switched on, the battery level moves down in a medium speed. Currently I charge my device when it's battery level is about 25% and it takes about 1 and half hours to charge until 95%. There are 3 specific power plans to handle the battery power. The user can select the option occasionally. Otherwise power-intensive Apps are automatically identified by the device and notified to the user. The device contains following sensors.

•    Fingerprint 
•    Accelerometer
•    Ambient light sensor
•    Digital Compass

HUAWEI GR5mini smartphone has a primary camera of 13MP and a front camera of 8MP with a LED flash. This picture quality of the cameras are in a higher level and there are different options that the user can edit manually when taking photographs. For an example there are different options to take photographs of landscapes and documents. In document scanning, there are several other features are included. There is an option to handle focusing features in the camera. It's useful to take a photograph of a special thing by focusing. In video-recording, slow motion option is one of the best feature in this device. The user can record a quick time incident and watch it step-by-step with the usage of this option. The sound options of the device are really excellent and it supports for many formats such as MP3,MP4 etc. Smart headset control option allows to handle the headset features. The user can settle vibrations, ring-tone options occasionally. High quality microphone is excellent for video conversations.

My mobile phone's screen resolution in 1080*1920 and it's graphical performances are really well. Apps can be viewed in a user-friendly manner. It is easy to navigate between apps. There is a special feature called Eye-Comfort. In this feature, user can reduce the blue-light emission of the screen. Notification panel and the status bar can be edited as user's opinions. The 'Smart Assistance' feature allows you to handle to user interface options such as touch screen handling, floating of the dock etc. There is an LED to indicate the notifications such as SMS,infront of the device.The device supports for many languages. Huawei Swipe Keyboard and Google Keyboard are the main keyboard options. Swipe keyboard is an excellent feature that allows to type using finger-swipes. Spelling correction and dictionary options also available and the user can enable or disable them occasionally.

The device supports for 4G,3G and GSM network options as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options are also available. There is an option called Wi-Fi+  for better performance. Switching between mobile data and Wi-Fi data can be managed by manual settings.3G and 4G options can be handle manually between two SIM cards.Security options of the device are really excellent. Pattern lock, number lock and fingerprint recognition are the features that can use to settle the security of the smartphone. User can handle these options occasionally. For an example, user can protect the access level of some apps by enabling the fingerprint recognition. When the device is connected to Internet, there are many security features to handle the network. User can settle the network types, geographical location identifications etc manually. In settings, Data Traffic Management feature is available to manage the data traffic.

However, I can satisfy about HUAWEI GR5mini in many ways. It is really amazing to do my stuffs. I would like to recommend it as a good device.

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