How to keep your Android phone from slowing down

Prevent your android phone from going slow

How to keep your Android phone from slowing down
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How to keep your phone from getting sluggish, slow and hanging.

Smartphone technology is now in the pinnacle of its innovation. A smartphone can make life so easy these days if you own one. While most of us is using middle class type of smartphone there are those who are using the most expensive one. Smartphone market today is dominated by two tech giants namely Appe who own the world famous iPhone product lines created by it's beloved former CEO Steve Jobs. Apple now is in transition since Jobs died. The other one of the two tech giants is Android owned by the most powerful search engine in the Google, now under the umbrella of Alphabet.

Most people who owns an smarthphone tend to install any apps they want in their smarthphone ranging from games, social apps, picture apps, health apps, weather apps, email clients, and almost anything that you would think of an app.

But there is a downside when you clutered your smarthphone with lots of apps that you don't usually use everyday. If I remember it righ my first smarthphone which is an android was in 2010. It's my first android phone actually because I have been using a java based phone with touchscreen before I bought my first android phone.

So if you clutered your phone with too many apps there is a tendency that it will cause slowdown with your phone. Android phone tend to slowdown and hang-up if there is no much space left in your internal memory. So what are you going to do if your android phone is slowing down or hanging-up? First thing that you have to do is to evaluate the apps the you really don't need then uninstall them. Idle apps may drain batteries faster than you think of. You don't need too much of an app that helps you to conserve batterry life. Uninstall all other apps that you don't use frequently.

As for me the apps that is installed in my phone is a couple of online games, a fine tuning app that helps me save some battery life, a couple of social networking app and screenshot app that takes screenshot when I shook my phone. Believe me you wouldn't need those famous apps to be installed in your phone. There was a time when almost all of the famous apps in the world is installed in my phone then came a time that I do really not using them so I decided to uninstall the apps that I don't frequently use. So uninstall the apps that you don't use frequently, just retain the importants ones.

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