Greenify can extend your android battery life

Save your android battery with this useful application

This application can extend your android mobile battery life for real. It can kill all background processes on your phone which is the real reason behind less battery backup.

These days many applications are available on the internet to extend your android battery life. Each has different methods for doing that. But for me Greenify worked best so far. It’s method for increasing battery life on phone is quite unique and working. This application does not off any kind of features like data connection, wifi, Bluetooth, etc. but still it able save enough battery life in compare of other applications available on the internet.

Let’s see how it works.

The main concept of Greenify is that it hibernate the background running application. For understanding this app more we need to understand the hibernation process first. Let’s do it.

What is Hibernating and how it will save battery life for us?
In android phone whenever we open any application it start background process instantly. After usage we do exit from the application but let me tell you that application does not stop its process completely, it will keep doing some background process. Like this some applications can eats up lots of battery of your smart phone even without need. They keep continue their process in background and do lots of activity like data using and all that. And each activity will drain your phone’s battery. So Greenfiy will closet such applications completely and stop these background processes when there is no usage of application. This process calls hibernating application. It almost works like iphone where not all applications keep doing background process like android phone. So hibernating thing is quite important and it can be life saver of your phone’s battery life if you are using multiple applications on your phone.

Free and Paid version
There are two versions of Greenify, one is paid one and another one is free. Free application has many features and it is enough for normal users. But with paid one you will get more features, which is obvious. In free version we can’t hibernate system applications which come pre-installed on our android phone. But in paid version we get the option to hibernate the system applications too. There are few other benefits and features available with paid versions in compare to free version.

Rooted phone has advantage
In past, this application was working with only rooted android phone. But now it also works with non rooted android phones. But both have different kind of functions. Rooted android phones have well enough benefit in compare to non rooted phones. In rooted android phone all applications you have selected to hibernate will automatically hibernate when you will lock your android phone. But in non rooted android phone you have to hibernate them manually after you open those applications, otherwise they will keep running in the background which causes more battery drainage. So personally I prefer rooted phones more in compare to non rooted phones for this application as it is having more advantage in compare to non rooted phones.

Note: Hibernating applications means they will not able to do any kind of process till you open them, so hibernating applications like Whatsapp can stop incoming notifications and messages on your phone. You will get messages when you open it. So keep this thing in mind.

That’s it with this application. Just try this application; hibernating application can really save battery for you. Background processes is the real reason for less battery backup on android.

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