Best Open source free to download software

Free to Download Software

Best Open source free to download software
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This article enlists free to download best open source software.

First of all, you may wonder what is meant by open source. Open source means something that is completely open to public access. Open source software can be freely modified by anyone.

 But the best and most important thing about open source software is that most of the time, it is free to download and use.

This article series enlists such software (will discuss each software in detail later, till then you can give it a try)


Blender is so far best 3D animation software which is free to download. Instead of choosing fancy 3D modeling software like Maya and pay a big money for it, blender can be decent option to choose.


Gimp is an image editor which is awesome alternative to Photoshop. The best thing is it is as good as photoshop. It works on Linux, windows and mac.

Mozilla Firefox

If you are bored with IE, it is a web browser which is good alternative for IE or chrome.

It has many features like providing freedom to personalize the appearance of browser and have many other useful tools.


It is linux operating system and it will definitely surprise you. You can download it on pc. Then make a bootable usb drive.Then you will have to follow procedure carefully to install this operating system on your pc. You can try using it without installing it on your pc directly from usb and if you like it then you can install it replacing current operating system. Also you can partition the memory and install it alongside of your current operating system.

Open office

Open office is a word processer which is an alternative to ms excel and Ms PowerPoint. It runs on windows, linux and mac os.


It is a text editing tool which replaces traditional notepad in windows. You can create and edit HTML using notepad. It have few improvements over traditional notepad making working experience better.

VLC media player

It replaces windows media player.


Looking for an audio editor here is one. It is an audio editor and recorder and it can also do post processing of audio, also can add effects like fade in, fade out, trimming. It runs on different platforms like windows, linux, and mc.

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