Guide to Buying a Tablet PC

Tablet Buying Guide - How to Buy the Right Tablet

Guide to Buying a Tablet PC
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Tablet PCs have become more and more popular among consumers. Use the guide below to help you choose a suitable tablet PC for yourself.

In recent years, tablet PCs have become one of the best-selling products ever sold. As the demand for tablet PCs goes up, many electronics and computer companies are cashing in on this demand by introducing their own brand of tablet PCs. With so many in the market, customers are spoilt for choice and are now wondering about the best tablet PCs to buy.

Whether you decide to buy an iPad, a Windows tablet or an Android tablet, you need to be aware of what to look for when purchasing a tablet PC. The following is a guide that will help you decide on which tablet PC you should buy.

1. Operating System

Firstly, you need to decide on the operating system that you prefer. At the moment, there are at least four operating systems for tablet PCs.

They are the iOS, Android, Windows RT and Blackberry.

Apple’s iOS is the operating system used on the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod. The Android operating system can be found in many brands and you need to therefore choose more wisely if you opt for this system. If you are looking for a tablet device that offers a desktop-like experience, Windows RT devices like Microsoft Surface is the best. The Blackberry operating system is only available on Blackberry devices.

2. Size, Weight, Screen Resolution and Storage

Tablet PCs now come in many sizes; as small as 5.3 inches to as big as 10 inches. Samsung offers its customers a wide range of sizes for its tablet PCs and they even offer another type of tablet device which is called a phablet where you can make calls on the tablet. Samsung Galaxy Note series is a phablet series that comes in a wide range of sizes.

The weight of the tablet PC must also be taken into consideration. You may not mind having a tablet that is heavy and bulky but a sleek, slim and light tablet will look cool. Screen resolution is also important if you want to read ebooks or surf the Internet and watch videos. A higher screen resolution will make for a more enjoyable viewing.

There are two types of storage. One is internal storage and the other is external storage. The bigger the internal storage, the more expensive the tablet will be. At the moment now, the largest internal storage is 64Gb. Even if you choose a tablet with a low internal storage, if the tablet allows for the use of an external SD card, you can effectively increase your tablet’s storage capacity.

3. WIFI Only or With Cellular Connection

If you’re not someone who needs to go online all the time, you may not need to have a cellular connection on your tablet. You can choose a model with WIFI only which is cheaper than one with cellular connection. But if you’re someone who’s always traveling and needs to be connected, then choose a tablet PC with cellular connection which is known as a phablet.

4. Camera and Video

Tablet PCs are all equipped with a camera that can snap a picture or record a video. But the only difference is that some may only have one primary camera and no secondary camera. Some models have both. It’s best to choose one with two cameras if you always snap pictures. Be sure to choose a tablet that has a good quality camera. Choose one with the highest megapixel that you can afford. The lower the megapixel, the lower the quality of the picture.

5. Battery Life

If you’re someone who’s always traveling, choose a tablet PC that has a high capacity battery that can last at least 10 hours. Otherwise, purchase a power bank as a back-up battery when the battery on your tablet PC dies.

As tablet PCs become more and more popular, they will eventually become a device that you may want to purchase. Be sure to take into consideration the above points when you decide to buy a tablet PC.

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