Must Have Apps To Turn Your Android Phone Into A Multipurpose Companion

These apps can Enable You To Do A Lot With Your Smartphone

Must Have Apps To Turn Your Android Phone Into A Multipurpose Companion
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Just by installing s few apps, you can turn your phone into a multipurpose device. Scroll down to discover the best apps for your Android buddy.

Today people are becoming more and more attached to their Android phones. Android devices have been becoming more and more affordable and popular, and are evolving in terms of processing power and other capabilities.

With mobile applications, usually referred as APPS, one can customize their devices to do a number of various tasks that personal computers can perform, thereby saving money and time. On the other hand, people who don't have a personal computer can also avail the features offered by them. Here I have listed some essential apps that help you turn your phone into a "jack of all trades",  literally.

1. PicsArt Photo Editor:
  This is a robust full featured photo Editor that offers a number of unique features such as the ability to create stickers from your own photos and draw doodles. It also offers various tools to correct the smallest errors in your photos and give them professional look.
The app offers a lot of in-app purchases but the free version of the app is sufficient for almost everyone's needs.

The app is labelled as "Editor's choice" on the Play Store.

Alternative: Pixlr


2. Opera Mini:
  A mobile optimized browser specializing in airtime saving, OperaMini continues to be one of the the most compact and efficient browsers in the world. 
The browser offers an "extreme data saving mode" which comes turned on by default and you can disable this mode under the settings for full functionality of some sites. This can save up to 50℅ of your cellular data and help load web pages faster.
The browser is equipped with efficient add blocker, too. Though not as famous as Chrome or Mozilla, OperaMini is a unique browser that can come handy in a number of situations.

3. Xender: 
 This app helps to share your files and apps over Wi-Fi. Although it is similar to the ShareIt by Lenovo, This app boasts some distinct features. You can share almost all apps, including the built-in apps with the help of this app.
Besides this, other notable features include "shake to send" capability, phone replication, mobile data sharing etc.. The app offers great customization features.

4. Quora:
You may already know about Quora, a knowledge sharing community where users can ask questions about almost anything and get answers from other members. Quora has a mobile app so that users can comfortably take part in the process of knowledge sharing on the go.
With Quora,  you can create a profile with e-mail, Facebook or Google. One can follow certain topics, save questions for reading later, help others by answering their questions and discover a lot more to do. 

Quora has a large community of users who can help us by answering our questions on virtually any topic, no matter whether you ask how to troubleshoot your smart phone battery or solve a geometrical problem.

5. WPS Office:
I think many of you are already using it. WPSOffice by KingSoft is a popular all-in-one office suite for Android mobile phones. With this app you can view, create and edit various documents including Spreadsheets, text documents, Slideshows (presentations) and many more. The app features a PDF viewer as well. This can be useful for official works, writing, and studying as well. You can even export documents to PDF format.

Alternative: Google Docs, Polaris Office etc…

6. VLC Media Player:
The BEST MEDIA PLAYER for Android in my opinion, this media player boasts several distinct capabilities which make it different from other media players. It offers more customization features for advanced and other users alike. Audio delay, playing video as audio, setting playback speed and many more salient features make it the best video player for Android. It supports almost all video formats and users have the option to switch to Android TV interface.

Other useful apps:
•  Video editing: VivaVideo, VidTrim AndroVid etc…

Writing and note taking : JotterPad, QuickEdit text editor, EverNote etc…

Application locking and privacy: DoMobile AppLock, CMSecurity etc..

• Cloud storage: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc….

• Social Networks (except Facebook and Twitter etc.. popular ones) :  Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest etc..

What are your favorite Android apps except these? Comment below.

Note that all the above mentioned apps are available for free on the Play Store. 
So you can find them easily

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