SOLVED: Yahoo! keeps freezing always freezing at main page

SOLVED: Yahoo! keeps freezing
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Freezing is one of the irritating things that can even lead to loss of data. This article is all about solution to the freezing of

June, 1998 was the month and year wherein I have made my first e-mail account at Yahoo. Since then I've been a loyal user of Yahoo e-mail services until today. And also, it’s been my habit to read news on Yahoo almost every day since 2006. Yahoo is my primary source of information, whether it is about everyday life, technology, politics, sports, science, space, food, health tips, and events around the world.

When I open chrome the first website that greets me is Yahoo. And never did I encounter a problem that freezes the entire browser for about 5-10 second until now. At first, I thought it was the video content of the website that makes chrome freezes.

This freezing phenomenon is different from the freezing that happens when you are scrolling at the bottom of yahoo’s news feed.

I noticed that the slight freezing that is causing by the Yahoo website also makes the entire chrome web browser freeze into a halt, when it freezes you cannot click anything on the browser be it a tab of another website or any button that you can see, you can’t even access the settings menu of the browser itself. You have to wait for chrome to unfreeze so that you can click anything on the browser.

Last year, if I remember it right, Yahoo also freezes on chrome. Since chrome is my favorite browser I cannot speculate about the performance of the yahoo website on other web browser other than google chrome. Back in 2016 it’s only the website that freezes when you are scrolling down the news feed of the website maybe mainly because of its video content that auto-play.

Again, last year, if I remember it right that freezing phenomenon was gone by itself. Maybe yahoo did something. But today that freezing again resurface. Last year I was using 32-bit version of chrome. Today a 64-bit version of google chrome is what I am using. Since I got the chance to use a 64-bit version of windows I thought it would be wise to use a 64-bit version of google chrome.

At first, I suspect that it’s the 64-bit version of chrome that is causing the freezing phenomenon. I did not try to replace it with 32-bit version though. I also did not try to clear the history of chrome. What I did is I turned off the USE HARDWARE ACCELERATION WHEN AVAILABLE in the settings. If you got an up-to-date google chrome you can find it by going to SETTINGS, then click ADVANCED, scroll down until you see “use hardware acceleration when available” under SYSTEM.

That’s it guys, the freezing should be gone. It did the trick for me, it should also do the same for you. Wink! Wink!

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