How to manually block a website in Windows XP

Blocking website in XP manually

Recently a have wrote an article on how are you going to block a website in Windows 7 and some of my readers ask me on how to do it in Windows XP that’s why I decided to write an article on how are you going to do it in Windows XP.

The procedure is somewhat similar to Windows 7 since their system files locations are mostly identical.

Basically the principle is also the same since there is no much changes in the system file that we are going to manipulate or edit in order to do it. The system file that I am talking about is the “hosts” file. This “hosts” file is used by the windows as a loopback device for networking purposes just like adding a loopback adapter in windows.

Loopback adapter are useful if you are going to add a printer or use a printer that is connected in the computer via USB cable. If you have a DOS based program in your computer and you want to print an output but the only available printer in your computer is the one that is physically connected in your computer via USB cable then you can’t print on it. Because DOS based program don’t have a capability to print in USB interfaced printer. That’s when a loopback adapter is important.

Well before we are going too far.

Here’s how are you going to do it. Just open “Notepad” then go to “File” menu then choose “Open” then click “My Computer” at the left corner of the window after that find your Drive C (the one with a C: on it). Just double click it to open it. After that also double click “Windows” folder then followed by “System32” then “drivers” folder. And after that double click “etc” to open it.

If ever there are no files being shown after you double clicked the folder “etc” what are you going to do is change your “files of type” look at the lower right corner of the open window just beside (left side) Cancel button you should see “Text Documents (*.txt)” click it then choose “All files” some files should appear then choose “hosts”.

At the bottom portion of the file you should see something like this…         localhost

What are you going to do is increment or add 1 to 127.0.0.* (ex:,….)

So immediately after localhost just right to next row add this represents the websites that you want to block. After you have done adding the websites that want to block just save it and then close it. Then try to browse for the website that you have blocked if it is now working.




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