How to root Samsung Galaxy S5?

Best Way to Root Samsung Galaxy S5

How to root Samsung Galaxy S5?
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This post explains the steps involved in rooting the Samsung Galaxy S5.Read it below.

Samsung Mobiles are now worldwide that runs through the Android Operating system. For the android device to be surfaced the first object of the community is to access root of the device. That is what the chain fire of the Samsung's forthcoming achievement. Rooting is jail breaking of the Android version.   

Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) Rooting Method:

Samsung Galaxy S5 runs on Android 4.4.2 iOS. While rooting the device if anything goes wrong the company does not take the responsibility.

Steps to follow:

i) The chainfire's root package should be downloaded from the following website, zip

It might take some 20 megabytes zip containing both CF-AutoRoot which guides on how to flash through Odin.

Simply extract the contents of the first zip and no more.

ii) Now both the .rar file and the flashing and Odin have been given, which will do the flashing. For the next step the galaxy s5 should be disconnect from the PC. The USB cable should be unplugged. Start Odin3-v3.07.exe. Click on the PDA tab and select CF-Auto-Root-klte-kltexx-smg900f. The rar file that was extracted just before. On the bottom left log box a short confirmation will appear. 

iii) Keep your Samsung Galaxy S5 into the download mode. Turn off the smartphone completely.  Wait for a few seconds and then click the volume down button and Power and Home buttons simultaneously.  After a few short seconds the screen will show a greeting press Volume up button to continue if asked.

iv) Now it needs endurance that there's a communication between the Odin and the Samsung Galaxy S5. Plug in the S5 with the USB port on the computer, the small boxes on the left should light up with the ID of the particular USB port being used. If you do not have the drivers for your device or they are broken installed the application called Samsung Kies. Also check the "basis Odin troubleshooting tips".

v) The CF-AutoRoot.tar file is loaded in the PDA field, Odin recognizes the Galaxy S5 in the download mode. It is ready for action.  Make sure that the other options haven't been messed especially the Re-partition and it good to go further. When you click the start button two things appear, the log box on the bottom left will start churning information., the rectangular field immediately above the ID.COM  will start showing text and colors if ever thing is going well a big PASS will appear on the green background.

vi) Once you get the "PASS" in the Odim Galaxy S5 should reboot by itself.  It then enters a special red recovery Android logo just wait for the procedure to be done by itself. If the power does not reboot in the recovery mode and goes to the red-android-logo procedure then go through the steps again.  If this persist entry recovery mode manually after flashing the. tar file through Odin press the Volume up button, the Power and the Home button simultaneously, and the installation continues automatically.

vii) If still the above steps do not work go to "the official xda developer's thread" and look for a resolution.  

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