How to Block Websites in Windows 10, 8, and 7 Manually without a Router

Denying access to websites in Windows 10, 8, and 7 Manually without a Router

Block a website with this simple and easy to follow steps.

When we are talking about blocking a website the first thing that will come to our mind will be “router”, “proxy”, “firewall”, and some software that block certain websites. Why? Because they were the most popular way of blocking a website. What if we can do it manually by just editing some system files in windows?

NOTE1: This is not going to work if you are going to block a website in a computer that already accessed the website before. You have to clear the cache and the history of every browser in a computer that you want to block access to a website.

NOTE2: You have to run Notepad with administrator privileges to perform this task. You can run Notepad with an administrator privileges by right clicking it then choosing “Run as administrator”.

Most people will go directly to their router and block the website they want. But a router cannot block a secure website (https).

And in most routers if you block a website it will then be unavailable to all of the computers connected to that router. And if you are using a SoHo router chances are, if you block a website it will then be permanently unavailable over the network wherein the router is connected.

Blocking a website using a router or proxy server commonly requires an enterprise type of router or proxy server. That kind of feature is not commonly available to a SoHo device or router. You have to buy the business or enterprise type of router and proxy server to do that. But rejoice you can do it manually just by editing some files in windows.

And this tweak will not make your windows crash. What you need in this tweak is Notepad. Just open notepad with administrator privileges then go to “File -> Open” then choose “Computer” at the left corner, in the windows dialogue that will open choose your Drive C: by double clicking it, in my case the name of my drive C: is Local Disk (C:). After that find the folder “Windows” then double click it also.

Next, find “System32” folder then double click it again. Next, find “drivers” folder and double click it also. Next, find “etc” folder and double it again to open it. After you double clicked the etc folder and nothing appears, just change the file type that you are looking for. Look at the lower right corner of the window and you will see “Text Documents (*.txt)” it is just right above the button “Open” and “Cancel”. If you find it click it then choose all files. After that just choose “hosts” and double click for you to open it.

After it opened, look at the bottom portion of the file.

Should see like this: #             :11                   localthost

What are you going to do is, just right away at the next row add something like this…

and so on and so forth , , are the website that are going to be blocked by windows. Just increment 1 or add one to the IP address 127.0.0.* when you are adding a new URL or website. After you added the entire website that you want to block just save the file then try to browse the websites that you have blocked if it is working. Happy blocking.

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