Google, overwhelming world leader in search engines

Google, overwhelming world leader in search engines

Google, overwhelming world leader in search engines
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Market share figures for search engines in October 2017 were released. And these confirm the monopoly of Google.

In the alphabet, we ask for the letter G, as Google. The American firm is the pillar of what is called GAFA, an acronym consisting of the four big giants of the digital world, namely Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon. Google is a huge galaxy that employs nearly 60,000 people around the world and whose 2016 turnover has experienced its strongest historical progression. Always further, always high, always stronger, to use the motto of the television host Olivier Minne. Last year, Google generated $ 89.46 billion. To give you an idea, it is greater than the GDP of more than half of the world's countries, including Serbia, Croatia, Bolivia, Slovenia, or Lebanon.


Its parent company, Alphabet, has many brands that we use in our daily lives, such as YouTube, Android, and Gmail. But Google is also and above all a search engine that gave its name to his company, logical. A search engine that today still crushes its competitors. Definitely?

Google, leader of search engines

I'm alone in the world Corneille a few years ago.

It's a bit like whispering the dark side of the Indian Sundar Pichai every day, he who runs Google for a little over two years. The Irish company StatCounter has just unveiled, the market shares of #Search Engines and around the world, for the month of #October 2017. And the numbers are without appeal.

In France, few are brave who dare brave the tumult of the Internet to use a search engine other than that of Mountain View.

Google is in a situation of extreme monopoly, with 92% of #Market Share. The others, inevitably, dispute only the crumbs. Starting with Bing, the search engine of Microsoft, which heroically captures 5% of the public, before the eternal, but fragile Yahoo and its 2.1% market share. The little American DuckDuckGo, or "the search engine that does not spy on you", as its slogan wants, recover the remains (0.7% of the market). Qwant and Orange are almost non-existent.

The resistance wants to be stronger on the other side

In the United States, it is obvious that Google dominates his world. With 86.8% of market share, enslavement is less strong than in France on the side of the country of Uncle Sam. Bing holds up well (7%), and Yahoo is two and a half times stronger than at home (5.2%). DuckDuckGo is once again behind with a 0.6% market share.

Other challengers share the remaining 0.4%: AOL, Baidu, or Ask Jeeves. We could interpret this as a greater desire for independence on the side of our distant American neighbors.


In the rest of the world, Google occupies 91.5% of the market, but with other competitors. Bing (2.7%) and Yahoo (2.2%) are hot on the heels of two Google refractories: Chinese Baidu (1.8%) and Russian Yandex (0.8%), accompanied by challengers Haosou, AOL, Shenma,, or Naver, trying to find a place for themselves.

Google is facing the threat of a social network

Whether in France, the US or the rest of the world, Google is the king. The search engine is in a situation of total monopoly that nothing seems to threaten.

In fact, the real threat to Google is called ... Facebook! The social network, also a member of the famous GAFA, does fake news hunts and continues to develop its own advertising system. Since 2015, the "Instant Articles" make it possible to write tickets directly on Facebook, and thus to ensure an independence vis-à-vis Google. The purpose of Mark Zuckerberg's company? That users no longer leave their social network, and that they navigate there as well to chat, to like the photo of the last evening of a friend, or to consult the last article of Tartempion.


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