Picture in Picture Feature - Watch YouTube Videos and WhatsApp at the Same Time

Picture in Picture Let You Use Whatsapp and Watch Videos Without Closing The Connection

 Picture in Picture Feature - Watch YouTube Videos and WhatsApp at the Same Time
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A Picture-in-Picture is the function that will allow the whatsapp to perform this activity, which will be included in Version 2.17.40 of the application.

Now when you receive a link to play a video of Youtube, you will no longer have to leave WhatsApp and see it in your YouTube app, now you will open a screen and watch the video inside your chat.

However, this update comes only for the recent version of iOS (iOS 9) for iPad and iPhone, this to take advantage of the size of the screens of the devices.

The window that plays the video can be moved from top to bottom and sides, this to give space to the text and not obstruct the conversation. You also have an option to watch the video in full screen and then return to the app to continue with the chat.

Improved video call

With the implementation of the Picture in Picture function, the video call will also benefit, until now when you are in one and want to move to another screen within your smartphone, the call is interrupted. With this improvement, a floating window will also open to continue with the video call.

Telegram went ahead

The WhatsApp competition app had already been ahead of this implementation, putting a floating window with the video to be played, as well as several other tools, however, given the popularity of "Whats" and its thousands of users, the improvement go unnoticed by others.

Improving the experience

The instant messaging applications seek to improve the "chat" experience and do it as humanely as possible by adding Gifs with emotions, emoticons, emojis, and videos, preventing the conversation from being "stiff".

Apps War

Although a battle between "Telegram" and " WhatsApp" is not officially declared, these apps are competing to bring new users to their instant messaging service, which for the moment,  Whatsapp is winning, given a large number of users. However, on the side of implementing improvements and complementing the conversations, Telegram has advanced too much, being them the first to put in the comments Gifs, citing messages, sending Wikipedia links, as well as information of series, films, and actors.

The bad news

Although for the moment it will only be available for iOS in its version 2.17.40, it is expected that for the operating system  Android version 2.17.265 will contain these improvements, however, it will only be supported by Android 8.0


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