Why technology is relevant, and how to use it best

Technology and its best uses

Why technology is relevant, and how to use it best
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An intro to the newly created Tech Tonics blog, about the scope and purpose of this endeavour, with a little bit on the relevance of technology in our daily lives, and why the meaningful use of technology is absolutely crucial to stay happy, productive and more organized in this ever-changing world.

Hello World! After much thinking, I’ve finally chosen to join ExpertsColumn and do something useful for the wide, green world at large (well, and for myself too). And the product is - Tech Tonics, a blog that focuses solely on technology, science and their relevance in our fast-changing, dynamic lives. Truly, gone are the days of our offline, isolated existence when every man had to fend off the savage attacks of fate all by himself, solve his own problems and just mind his own business in a disconnected, way-too-local world. The boundaries of the average human’s world extended merely beyond his hometown, and sadly enough, rumours and heresays were the only ways to, well… stay informed. But now, we have the world’s knowledge at our fingertips, thanks to this magical things called “The Internet”.

So this is it, I intend this post to be only an introduction to the purpose and scope of this new blog. But alongside that, why not ponder a bit on the philosophy that forms the background of this blog?

A little disclaimer here.

This post is going to be a bit on the abstract side, but that’s purposely so, because the main objective of this post is to lay the groundwork for this blog, by giving you some information on what to expect from here. Future articles will solely focus on the practical side of technology, occasional reviews, introduction to new ways of using technological resources and so on. So if you’d like to skip reading it, I won’t blame you. But otherwise, please bear with me.


What is the purpose of technology?

So, the main aim of technology, as I understand it (and you’ll agree with me on that, dear reader, or so I hope), is to make our lives better. But this ‘better’ can be an elusive term. What do we mean by that? Well, in this case, ‘better’ is ‘easier, more organized, more meaningful’, with respect to the demands of our modern world. The global economy is heavily reliant on technology, tech-giants like Microsoft and Google dominate our earthly existence these days, and new innovations are happening almost lightning fast - way too fast to make head or tails of, at times.

This is what drives my passion, as collector and organizer of useful information. We should simply help ourselves, and help others, in this shared quest to make our lives better through the use of technology. And this, too, is the purpose of this blog. Sharing is caring, after all, and the information that I have might be useful to people beside me, benefiting everyone in turn.


Meaningful use of technology

There are many risks, however, that accompany the rising tide of technology in our times. One of them is closely related to the sheer vastness and diversity of digital resources available to us at any given moment. While by itself, it can be counted as a great blessing, people often get sucked into an intellectual black-hole of indecisiveness, something that causes us to be distraught, confused and frustrated with our lives.

Like every other resource at our disposal, technology is a double-edged sword. If we don't use it correctly, things can quickly get out of hand. News of tech-addiction, and what it can do to people, can be found on any modern newspaper. But here is where Aristotle's neat principle of Golden Mean come to our rescue. If we use a resource in moderation, it can be a game-changer. And together with moderation, there should be a purpose behind our use of technology. So whenever we see a new product being advertised, we should ask ourselves this simple question "How is it relevant to me and my life? And if I buy it, how will my life be benefitted?" 

To phrase it differently, there are just too many resources available to us. But how do we know what to use, and what to avoid? And how do we use something once we have decided to put it to use? There lies the question of experience, something we are constantly gathering, while familiarizing ourselves with new technological resources.

So this is it! I’ve penned down my first article here at Tech Tonics, and while I don’t think there’s anything worth reading in this post, I hope it may serve as a meaningful intro to Tech Tonics. And so begins the journey of Tech Tonics!

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