360° Image For Facebook

Facebook never fails to surprise

360° Image For Facebook
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Facebook has always tried that its users would not turn away or turn on to any other website and this is why now they are following the same strategy by giving a very new feature of their most important features.

Do you wish to separate your Facebook cover photo from that of others? So now there is a 360 degree image possible. You may be able to do so now as there is a 360 degree image placing feature made possible. Yes, with the help of the Facebook mobile app, you can now conveniently place a 360 degree photos directly as your cover photo or share them over your timeline.

This new feature is available for users using both IOS and Android operating systems, with which you can take 360 degree photos from the Facebook camera. Its method is very easy and simple. Turn around while clicking the photograph and make sure that the photo stay within the parameter guiding lines visible on the screen. Once you have finished clicking a photo, drag it to your Facebook cover and upload it, or simply share it over your timeline.

Facebook started launching this feature around the world since Wednesday and by the time you start reading this article it may be available in your app.

If so, try it, otherwise you can use it by updating your Facebook app.

Facebook announced that it is always trying to find out new ways for its subscribers to stay connected with this social media as much as possible. This new feature will certainly help facebook pages to provide a better experience to their customers. 

Before this, Facebook introduced a short video clip to feature a cover but it was restricted to pages only. Next in line is Facebook Note being updated and planned to be relaunched as a full fledge blog!

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