How To Fix Slow Internet Connection Problem By Yourself At Home?

Guide To Fix Slow Internet Problem

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Is slow Internet connection spoiling your web or Youtube experience? Is it taking you ages to load a website or an app due to slow speed of your Internet? Well, here are the tips to fix this problem yourself at home. Just keep reading to know how to fix slow Internet connection problem yourself if you are experiencing the one.

Guide to Fix Slow Internet Connection Problem

As a first step to troubleshoot slow speed probem, try to open your website in a different browser. For example, If you are currently using Google Chrome then try to open the website in a browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari or Edge. If the website is still loading slow after trying in different web browsers, the problem could be somewhere else.

The next step to fix slow Internet speed problem is to restart your modem or router. You can restart your modem or router by unplugging its power adaptor and plugging it again. If your Internet is still slow and its taking ages to load a website after restarting your modem or router then check your cables to ensure they are properly connected and there no exposed cables. Exposed cables are commonly bitten by rats and needs to be replaced for proper functioning of your Internet connection. 

If your cables are okay then let’s proceed to next step.

Your next step is to restart your computer or the device that you are using to browse the Internet. After restarting your computer, try to browse or open the same website again. 

If slow Internet connection is still preventing you from opening a website then it's time to contact your Internet Service Provider for the fix

Before calling your ISP make sure you have all information regarding your Internet connection. Most service providers will ask for that information as it helps them better understand your problem and provide a quick fix for your slow Internet problem.

Be advised that while you are on a call with technical support assistant, he or she may ask you to perform some tasks in order to fix Internet speed problem yourself first. If these are the similar tasks as given above, please tell them that you have already performed them to no avail. Kindly ask them to open a supoprt ticket for your slow Internet connection problem and provide a fix at earliest. Once they register your complaint, the technical support assistant will give you a ticket number as a reference. Please take note of that ticket number for follow-up calls. 

Please wait for the time given by a support assistant or for 1 day at minimum. In case your slow Internet connection problem still has not fixed, call them again using the ticket/reference number that they gave you during complaint registration so that they can facilitate your call faster. Most of the times, Internet repairs will only take about less than 24 hours to address a problem. 

If they are unable to provide a solution for your problem, then it is time to change your service provider as a last fix to slow Internet problem. Please switch to the one, who has higher speed and good service record in your area. 

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    I am really happy with the tips. Honestly speaking I was aware of a few of them. But some were indeed new and I read them for the first time. I wonder how I can use them. But will no doubt, try out things without making things too complicated for me LOL!!!
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      Thank you, you can use the steps mentioned above whenever or wherever you encounter a slow internet connection. Those steps mentioned above are universal, you can apply them on almost all cases regarding slow internet connection. Good luck.