Watercolor Design Assets by Julia Dreams at TheHungryJPEG.com

Julia Dreams Makes Excellent Design Assets at Reasonable Price at TheHungryJPEG.com

Watercolor Design Assets by Julia Dreams at TheHungryJPEG.com
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Watercolor Textures, florals and other ready-to-use graphical design assets are becoming very popular due to the ease of use and enhancement they bring to the projects. This article gives information about one of such Designers - "Julia Dreams" who produce excellent design assets and discusses customer experience.

The designers all around the world these days are depending upon high quality, ready-to-use design assets like script fonts with swirls and flourishes to create swoon-worthy lettering art and posters in no time, watercolour textures and backgrounds for that handmade effect in their creations and florals, of course, have so many uses that it’s even difficult to enlist them. 

These days, I really am addicted to a website called TheHungryJpeg.com. This website doesn’t just have hundreds of options to choose from, but they have numerous categories of products too. And on the top of that, they come with regular offers and deals which are so awesome, that a designer will have to develop special kind of strength to resist them. Apart from one dollar deals and weekly freebies, they have Monthly bundles which are collections of hundreds of design assets at huge discounts.

Along with product categories, you can browse the shops on the website which belong to individual designers. One of the very popular designers whose watercolor art is simply fabulous is Julia Dreams. I’ve purchased many products from her.

The unique shades and details in their flowers are mesmerizing. The eCard in the preview image is created using their products for my greetings website. Notice the beautiful blend of shades. Truly mesmerizing indeed.

While using many watercolor products available online, I have come across various issues. Some designers don’t take care of the pencil lines which they must have started with. Other watercolor elements don’t have perfectly isolated backgrounds. When you sit to work with such design assets, it’s really time-consuming trying to hide these blemishes and imperfections so that they don’t show through your work.  But when it comes to products by Julia Dreams, I don’t have to deal with the residual of pencil lines or badly done isolation. Not only that, but the edges of the flower petals are soft enough to blend perfectly with the design they will be incorporated into. And most of the times, the high-resolution products by this shop are available with transparent backgrounds, so you can just drag and drop them on your projects.

I’ve also purchased some of her texture packs. Again, with watercolor textures, there is a fine line between classy looking textures with enough variation in shades and messy looking blobs of colors that just don’t blend together. Watercolour Textures by Julia Dreams are carefully designed to maintain the balance. They are neither too flat, nor do they contain senselessly dynamic variations in colors and strokes. And the patterns designed by this designer are again quite classy and can be used on a variety of products.

I hope this Design Shop at the website TheHungryJPEG.com continues to add these high-quality design assets to their online store which are inarguably some of the few things that give you a lot of joy despite being hard on pockets. 

Check out Julia Dreams designs here.

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