Internet and Wifi Are Different

INTERNET and WiFi are two different things.

Internet and Wifi Are Different
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What is INTERNET and what is WiFi? This article highlights the difference between the two.

Hi there everyone, this is Jonathan.

As an I.T. I have come a long way knowing the mentality of a regular individual or a tech savvy individual. Let's not include I.T. guys here because they already know what I am going to discuss here.

A regular individual will always argue "Why I can't login or browse a website even if I am connected to a WiFi"? Whooops... hold on... Having connected to a WiFi does not mean that you already have an internet.

Because INTERNET and WiFi are two main different things.

WiFi is a technology that let's you connect to a network wirelessly by means of a router that is connected to the INTERNET.

INTERNET is the global system of interconnected computer networks that uses the internet protocol (TCP/IP) to link or connect devices accross the whole world.

You can always connect to a WiFi when you have a device that is WiFi capable. Today most routers and modem have a built-in WiFi in it.

And that means that you can always connect to a WiFi even if a router or router modem is not connected to the internet. So before you can connect to internet your WiFi needs to be connected to the internet first.

And how can you connect to the internet? Simple, just talk to a communication company that offers internet then get an internet package. They will be the one to install all the needed equipment for you to be able to connect the internet.

Today most telecom companies will install a router modem that is WiFi capable. If you do not know on how to operate a WiFi device then Google will be your bestfriend. Just go to google then search for tutorial on how to operate your device.

To summarize this article you need an INTERNET connection first so that you can connect to your applications using your WiFi. If you already have an internet connection and you still can't connect to the internet then there could be a problem on your internet connection.

You can try to turn OFF then turn ON you router or model router so that it will refrest your connetion. If it does not fix the issue then you have to call your internet provider.

But if your internet connection comes with a bundles landline in it you may want to check it your telephone line have a dial tone. If it doesne't have a dial tone then you got a problem on your internet line.

You may try to unplug then plug all the cables of your modem or router modem to reset it connections. If it also doesn't fix the problem then you have to call your internet provider.

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