Transfer files faster than Bluetooth

Files transfer faster than Bluetooth

Transfer files faster than Bluetooth
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This article will discuss on how you can transfer files faster than Bluetooth.

Since the dawn of mobile devices, Android and iOS I have seen many ways on how you can share your files from various devices with the use of technology that let's you transfer files from one device to another.

One of the most popular and probably the first ever way to transfer files from one device to another is by Bluetooth. Bluetooth is essentialy been around before Android and iOS came into existence or become popular mobile operating system.

As far as I know Bluetooth was invented by the telecom vendor Ericsson way back in 1994. By that time Android and iOS is not in existence. They (Android and iOS) only become popular in 2007 and 2008 respectively when they were released into public by Google (Android) and Apple (iOS).

The latest Bluetooth technology let's you transfer at about 50 Mbit/s when you are fortunate enough if your device came with a Bluetooth 5.0 version with a maximum range of 800 feet. But not all devices have a Bluetooth 5.0 mostly they came with a Bluetooth 4.0 version.

But there is another way wherein you can transfer way faster than Bluetooth with the use of your mobile device's WiFi technology. You only need to install a single app called SHAREit to use your WiFi in you mobile device.

Speaking of WiFi, if your mobile device's year is from 2013 and beyond chances are it will be packing a version of WiFi-N (802.11n) that is capable of up to 300 Mbps file transfer speed and that is almost 6 times the speed of the latest bluetooth version can offer which is Bluetooth 5.0 with the speed of up to 50 Mbps.

The current and newest version of WiFi available if WiFi-AC (802.11ac) that is capable of up to 1000 Mbps of file transfer.

Now don't be confused with this method of file transfer as it will not need you to have a router to accomplish this method of file transfer.

The devices that you will use for file transfer will only communicate with each other using their WiFi.

In your Android mobile just go to your Play Store then download and install SHAREit. You need to have both devices that you will use for file transfer be installed with SHAREit.

After you installed SHAREit you will not need to configure anything. Just open both devices' SHAREit then perform a file transfer. If you have used Bluetooth then you will not feel foreign in using SHAREit.

That's it guys, enjoy.

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A very useful article. I am going to try and install the app on my phone. Hope it will install as my phone is always crying for more storage space whenever I try to install a new app.


Try to get rid of applications that you do not use to free up some space.


Ya share it is a much better and faster way of transferring files than bluetooth. I have been using it foe quite a long time and its quite fast technology based on wifi .While using bluetooth it consumes lot of time for scanning the devices and getting connected and sending each file consumes lot of time.Whereas in shareit its easy getting connected and transferring big files with much ease and above all time consuming.


Thanks to creator of the app :)