My Experience With FontBundles Website

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My Experience With FontBundles Website
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An introduction and review of website which provides great fonts and collections of fonts designed around beautiful themes.


Apart from other design elements and resources, Graphics Designers from around the world are always in dire need of great fonts. Whether it be a photo quote, a printed greeting card, a digital greeting or an e-card or even digital art, selection of fonts play a very important role. Great typography is often created by combining fonts of different genre in attractive curves and tilts with intricate ornaments decorating these fonts. Fonts also help in creating awesome pieces of craft. Designers often make awesome stuff with Silhouette or Cricut. 

There are many websites where you can get hold of fonts to be used in your projects. One of them is

I've recently come across this website and I'm a proud and satisfied owner of many of the bundles provided by them. I'll share my experiences of using their website to build up my collection of beautiful fonts.

Why is this Foundry different from others?

Font Bundles came across as very different from other foundries because of a number of reasons. Firstly, they have great licenses for usage of the products you purchase from them. There are no asterisks or illogical restrictions. In fact, I was impressed with the kind of flexibility they provided. We can provide the fonts to our users if they're in a compiled form. A typical use case would be, using including these fonts in your iOS Application. In my opinion, that is really cool.

Secondly, while other websites just provide for free stuff with lite versions of the products, or with licenses that restrict commercial use, the free* fonts of the week at Font Bundles are provided under their premium license. While designers don't mind paying for some awesome design elements in general (it is investment after all), this gesture is actually appreciated by pockets/wallets.

Finally, the collections of fonts or the bundles which they sell are curated carefully. Instead of providing a random list of fonts in a particular bundle, they generally use a theme, which makes the bundle very useful contextually. For example, I purchased a bundle called The Wedding Bundle. It contained five fonts, all of these were script fonts which were very beautiful, delicate with stunning swirls and almost all of them came along with a fabulous set of extra glyphs. These Glyphs in one bundle would actually become a dream come true for wedding card designers.

*The fonts are provided for free for just one week, they are all premium fonts actually.

Awesome Support, Supportive Community 

They have a very friendly team which is extremely quick in responding to users' queries, whether you try to communicate with them via emails, or via their Facebook page. They even post contests on this page, where some users are able to win the awesome bundles for free, or get amazing discounts. The users who follow their page and are members of their closed groups form a supportive and creative community together. Being part of this community is an added bonus of being their customer.

Caution: Common Fonts in Different Bundles

One thing which customers need to be careful about while purchasing bundles from such websites is that multiple bundles may have some fonts in common. This would essentially mean that you end up paying for the license of one font more than once. And if this was one of your favorite fonts of a bundle, you might feel disappointed after discovering that you already had that font. I would suggest maintaining a handy list of names of fonts you have already purchased and ensure that you are taking a well-informed decision.  


The world of Graphic Designing can be very fascinating. And readymade resources like beautiful fonts can make the job less taxing and more pleasurable. So keep your collection updated and enjoy this colorful work domain.

Here is a link to the website reviewed:

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